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No matter how much you like casual clothing, a suit may be sufficient for weddings, job interviews, negotiations, and even formal business opportunities. Most people have a lot of suits in their closets but only wear them occasionally. 

Fashion is ever-changing, and trends appear and leave. However, certain garments, certain styles, and aesthetics do not deviate from style. Classic designs are timeless and always look great no matter the age.

Suits can only be worn on special occasions. However, if you are always wearing a suit, you must have at least 5 suits so that you can change each outfit. So you never get tired. These suits need to be carefully selected as they need to be stylish as well as essential. Here are 5 must-have suits for every man.

Navy Blue Single Breasted Suit

The navy blue suit is not only stylish but also versatile. It is quickly becoming the new black as many people are ditching the regular black suit because it is ubiquitous. . Very suitable and reliable for formal occasions, nothing looks better than wearing a navy suit. 

A simple and luxurious navy blue two-button suit can be worn for interviews, weddings, and work wear. When sewing a navy blue suit, look for a medium-thick fabric that you can wear year-round. To choose a navy blue suit, you have to choose two things. One is a darker or lighter tone than the other for easy turns.

Gray single-breasted suit

Several men usually choose the gray suit. However, light shades can feel too summery in the cold season, so a darker shade of gray would be even better. The charcoal suit can be worn all year round, and unlike the formal navy suit, it has the advantage of being more comfortable to wear. 

The gray suit is not only a classic casual suit but also elegant and sophisticated, perfect for office work or not. Not only are they suitable for everyday wear, but they can also be worn for funerals. If you are going to buy a gray suit, it is best to choose single and double-breasted suits. So you can always alternate between the two.

Dark double-breasted suit

A double-breasted suit is not a must, but it is necessary for a stylish man. Drop some swagger. Wearing a dark double-breasted suit gives you powerful expression and ownership of the room, which sets you apart from all the other office workers.

It also shows you as a person with style and charisma. A double-breasted suit is best chosen in taupe, navy, or black. You can choose from these shades.


If you are the type of person who is invited to a black-tie party about once a year, you must have a tuxedo. This option is better than renting. Not only because it feels more comfortable, but because it fits your body better. 

It’s always a good idea to choose a quality suit that will last a long time to save you money in the long run. Evening suits never go out of fashion, they are only used for special occasions, but they are still worth noticing.

Summer Suits

Taking off your suit in summer requires careful planning, as you should choose a lightweight fabric that doesn’t sweat too much. This requires a practical understanding of fabrics and how to use them. So, when choosing a summer suit, opt for a half-lining or light cotton in colors such as blue, beige, or light gray. 

The lightweight material makes you feel as comfortable as wearing a polo and shorts, even in summer. There are some instances when we don’t want to wear a tie; we should know how to style a suit without a tie look. Because sometimes we don’t have an appropriate tie to wear, we should know how to carry ourselves without it.


When it comes to these stylish suits, it is crucial to buy a decent quality suit. We should not only buy a suit that fits you perfectly, but you also look incredible in it. In this digital age, photography is eternal. Therefore, you always want a suit that looks good and fits well.