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Tips for Setting Your Makeup Look in Summers

The summer season has just arrived and the hot sun has already started creating skin problems for girls. Girls want to look up-tight irrespective of the season; however, summers make it difficult for girls to carry their makeup. In summer, the warm air makes the makeup meltdown thus giving a very rough look to the face. The sweat often results in a melting foundation, smeared eyeliner and super-sticky lipstick, which is totally a big no for any makeup junky. Here are some tips for girls to flaunt sweat-proof makeup in the summer season.

Prepare the Skin

A basic misconception lies that summer skin doesn’t need a moisturizer. Every skin type needs an appropriate moisturizer as a primary aspect of makeup preparation. Choose the right type of moisturizer for summer according to your skin type. Try to look for an oil-free moisturizer that finishes the skin without greasing it. Apply a moisturizer regularly in the morning whether you are going to wear makeup or not.

Sun’s Cream

For the summer makeup routine, a sun’s cream is vital to be applied on the skin after moisturizer. Apart from hydrating your skin, you also have to protect it from the sun. The minimal sun’s cream formula to be used in summer should be SPF-30 or higher, but it should not be lesser to it.  Sun’s creams are also available in form of facial powders that can be applied after the makeup has been done, as a makeup setting powder. If you are much exposed to sunlight, consider applying sun’s cream after every two to three hours.

Primer is Must

To keep the makeup in its place in summer, applying a primer is also essential as part of skin preparation before you actually start putting makeup on it. For the summer season, a matte primer is preferable to a glossy one, as it gives a more smooth and subtle look. A primer also helps to sweat-proof your skin and thus the makeup sits efficiently on the face.

Keep it Less

After you have prepared your skin, start applying foundation but keep it less. Summers do not allow wearing heavy foundations as it not only looks bad but also does not go with the seasonal demand. If you want to prevent your makeup from creasing and caking, know that “Less is more”. Applying a bit of concealer where needed after skin preparation would be good to go.

Enhance Your Eyes

Eye shadows are an important part of makeup. For longer-lasting eye shadow, avoid using eye cream on your lids rather opt for a primer instead and better to apply lighter shades. Secure your eyes from the sun and buy eye makeup products online.

Tone Down

Blush, lip colour, shimmer, bronzer, apply everything as you want just don’t go with darker shades. Summer skin looks appealing when it is done in a minimal manner. Loud colours like red and hot pink just don’t do justice to the overall makeup appearance in summer. Tone down your colour choices and go for peaches, nudes, and light pinks. To add a cherry on top, add a highlighter for a glow.