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The Las Vegas Life of Celebrities and Online Gaming

When celebrities want to unwind yet stay close to home, they usually choose Las Vegas. According to Forbes celebrities stick to places that are upscale and exclusive, and offer a variety of activities to do. Mostly going for gaming and gambling, celebrities love Las Vegas for its hustle and bustle and the larger than life casinos such as the Bellagio. An hour’s flight from Los Angeles, celebrities frequent Las Vegas and also enjoying spending their money on luxury shopping as Las Vegas offers plenty of high-end shopping outlets including Louis Vuitton. Celebrities who are on tour for their movies or for shooting in Las Vegas, also like to spend some time at the casinos. They have the money, and whenever they wish, they jet off to the city to spend and win more.

Sin City serves as a mini vacation or getaway for those who love the rush and excitement and not the calm and serenity of any exotic location. Also, as the most popular celebrity getaway for the superstars who love gaming and gambling, you can easily spot noted celebrities in a poker room. Matt Damon, 50 Cent and Ben Affleck are some of the big wig names who love Las Vegas for the casinos and also the option of privacy available to them. Stars can book a private room in a casino for themselves and their entourage with ease complete with poker, roulette, blackjack and more. Former Playboy model Pamela Anderson and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, known lovers of slot games, frequent Las Vegas casinos as they are accommodating to them and all other celebrities.

Along with the famous and the popular, there are many non-famous people who enjoy gambling. Though they might not own private jets to whisk them away to Las Vegas whenever they want, they have the option of playing on online casinos in the comfort of their own home. Not just the regular folks, but many celebrities too enjoy playing on online casinos. American-Canadian actress Jennifer Tilly, is a prominent celebrity who is quite successful at gambling and gaming. She is in fact a professional poker player rather than enjoying it recreationally, and has taken her fortune to seven figures with just poker. Jennifer Tilly once won a jackpot on an online casino, and is a role model for females who wish to try their luck at gambling.

Online casinos became all the rage in the late 90s with Matt Damon’s film ‘Rounders’. The movie popularized the trend of online gaming and since then more and more awareness has been created for gambling online. When talking about celebrities who love to play poker and gamble, one cannot miss out the name of Charlie Sheen. The ‘Two and a Half Men’ star is no stranger to gamble and is a huge fan of online gaming as well. ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ actor Roy Romano has also popularized gambling and even his show featured a lot of references to playing poker and the star has often talked about gaming activities online as well.