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Why Plan a Road Trip with Friends Using a Self Drive Car Rental in Chennai

Because of their portrayal in the movies or from other’s adventures, road trips have immense popularity. And since Chennai offers a lot of variety of sightseeing, outings with friends are a must, you can see this trend happen here a lot.

You might be planning a vacation with your close buddies from school or with colleagues. If you decide to do that, choosing a self drive car rental in Chennai is a great idea.

If you hire a cab, you may see the car in parking but the driver goes missing. Car rentals make you free of the hassle of waiting for a driver to come to pick you. Make your trip more memorable and enjoyable by renting a car. But you also have to consider some most required things while planning road trip like element fire extinguisher.

Where to Go for a Trip in Chennai?

There are plenty of places to visit in Chennai, from the beautiful beachfront to historic museums and the lovely resorts. You can plan a day trip to the MGR film city, Vandalur zoo, or visit multiple shrines.

However, when you’re planning to go with your close friends, it has to be fun-filled. Marina Beach is one of the top tourist attractions that work well for people of all ages.

If you fancy being on the water, the Royapuram Fishing Harbour offers splendid moments. Visit the Nettukuppam rusty, old bridge to admire the picturesque locales. And you can click many beautiful photographs, too. Whatever you decide to, enjoy the trip in a rental car without any external disturbances.

Top Reasons to Choose Car Rentals for Road Trips

Have Complete Freedom

Is someone in your friend’s circle getting married soon? Then, they may deserve a bachelor’s party by hitting the road with you. Recreate the memories you had while you were still students and walk down the memory lanes.

Family vacations are fun, too. But you may be concerned with food, safety, and if you have kids, their sleep time. But when you are with friends, even a mundane journey becomes thrilling. You can scream, shout, sing, or play as you wish. There will be no judgment, which you can’t be the same if there is a cab driver.

Roll down the windows with the wind in your hair and blast the music to maximum volumes. Take some crazy stops on the road or have a detour to an entirely new location. Since it is just your gang, feel free to behave how you want!

Get More Enjoyment for Your Investment

With a self drive car rental in Chennai, you can party real hard at less cost. You may anyway split the fare among your group, but that is not all. Compared to your regular cab services, your travel expenditure is lower. Also, since you don’t have another person tagging along, you don’t have to spend more money.

Just fill the petrol or diesel tank to the full and keep zooming past. You also have trusted drivers with you, if you decide to take a break. Meaning, less burden on your body when you swap the wheel with others. You get to immerse yourself in the beauty of the outside world, too.

Rekindle Your Friendships with Old Buddies

If you have been estranged with some friends, it may be time to reconnect. Hectic work schedules, stress, and fatigue may not have let you stay in touch. You may even be too exhausted to pick up the phone and speak at length. So, what better way than going on a trip you have planned ages ago?

On your way to the historic Valluvar Kottam, speak to your heart’s content. Catch up with your old memories as you drive by your high school in Gopalapuram. Have a long, uninterrupted journey on the road amidst the greenery.

Get Away from the Daily Hustle Bustle

Sometimes, it may feel like you are stuck in a rut. The fact is, you deserve a break, and there is no shame in admitting that. Even corporate companies take their teams on outings to show their appreciation. While your trip may not be such a picnic, you feel rejuvenated wherever you go.

Give the concrete buildings a hard pass and experience life in a bamboo hut. Or, go to a wilderness camp and take in the essence of adventure. Enjoy nature walks, jungle stays, and revel in the marvelous surroundings. Fill your lungs with unpolluted air and go back reenergized.

Escape to Bheemeshwari or Bandipur on a wildlife getaway with your friends. Partake in kayaking, trekking, and many more activities. Far from the urban chaos, listen to the blissfully twittering birds.

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