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Who Can Benefit From SMP?

Baldness can negatively affect people’s mental health as they suffer from a complexity that can turn them reclusive. Those who suffer from baldness or thinning hair usually look for procedures that can help them regain the natural looks. Hair transplantation is the most widely used surgical procedure that can eradicate baldness, but a cheaper and long-lasting solution is Scalp Micropigmentation which is fast gaining popularity. Makeup artists who have undergone SMP training by Joe can apply the process for people who want to recreate the looks of a freshly shaved head with a layer of tiny black particles that look like hair follicles.  It gives the appearance of fuller hair on the head.

Similar to scalp tattoo

SMP is a non-surgical procedure that consists of applying natural pigments on the scalp as done when tattooing. The SMP artist uses a special tool to apply pigments on the scalp’s epidermal layer that helps recreate the looks of natural hair follicles. The goal is to camouflage the scalp area that does not have natural hair artificially by using pigments to create minute black dots crowded across the area that looks like natural hair. Effectively, it creates a new hairline for the person undergoing the process. 

Avoid all complications of hair transplant

Hair transplant procedures are complicated and involve medical procedures that only trained, and experienced surgeons can perform.  It is like any other surgical procedure with its accompanying complications and risks. But SMP is a non-surgical procedure that does not require any medical intervention, hence does not have any complications. The process is almost painless, but people might experience some discomfort that should be difficult to bear. Like any other cosmetic procedure like tattooing, the results depend primarily on the skills of the SMP artist.

For men and women of all ages

The cosmetic procedure suits men and women of all ages who can benefit from the three dimensional effects of the procedure that helps to do away with the negative effects of baldness. Regardless of the reason for hair loss from the head, anyone can undergo the process and adapt to the new shaved style that becomes the person’s new identity.  SMP is effective for addressing complete baldness as well as receding hairlines and bald patches. In addition, for those who have undergone some surgical procedure of the head that leaves permanent scar marks, the SMP procedure can conceal the scar marks.

Candidates for SMP

Men and women who want to make their hair look denser can benefit from SMP that gives fuller looks to the head. Men who prefer the shaved style but want to define the hairline are suitable candidates for SMP. It is highly effective in camouflaging any birthmarks or other scar marks on the head that remain visible. Those looking for some non-surgical method of a cosmetic makeover of their heads can reap the benefits of SMP.

Since surveys show a high patient satisfaction level for SMP, there is every reason to try it if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.