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Family Photographers: What They Do and Why They Do It

Family photographers are essentially group photographers, the key difference being that everyone in the group they’re shooting is related to a degree. Successful family photographers are able to manage the dynamics between family members well for optimal photos. This line of work often involves dealing with children, large groups of people, and even pets, and this can be challenging for two out of the three listed are not easy to pose. The job entails communicating with and posing clients, planning shooting times and locations, varying the shots taken, having the right equipment and knowing how to use it, and being able to edit photos. 

Family photographers are sought out because their pictures capture snapshots of time that a family will be able to treasure for years to come, whether that be photos of a newborn or of a family plus their distant relatives and animal companions.

Differences between Family Photographers

Family photography is a genre of photography, much like wedding photography or sports photography by ABS photography is, and there are two kinds of family photographers: traditional portrait photographers and lifestyle photographers. Traditional photographers are the ones that are probably the first to come to mind when one hears “family photographer.” Their shoots involve posed clients smiling at the camera and are either in a studio or scenic location. On the other hand, lifestyle photographers focus more on candid moments and thus their shoots are more casual, sometimes even taking place in the homes of clients, and families are not always looking at the camera. There is no better option between the two, and choosing one is completely up to preference. For instance, a family might want a traditional photographer when having their photos shot for a special occasion, a holiday for example, but might prefer a lifestyle photographer if they want more carefree photos that somewhat mimic day to day life.

Individual photographers each have their own special touches which make their works unique, and that’s reflected in their photos’ lighting, how family members are posed, and even the angle at which photos are taken. Some family photographers will advise clients on what to wear to the shoot if they believe a matching wardrobe would enhance their pictures, but others will allow the family to show up however they see fit. Furthermore, photographers have personalized methods of editing and that can create dramatic differences between pictures. All these factors are categorized under a photographer’s style, making it essential for clients to review works of different family photographers before making their choice so they’ll be more likely to be happy with their results. 

Different photographers also tend to offer different packages for purchase. For instance, one might offer both a digital and hardcopy version of photos for a certain rate whereas another might offer a hardcopy of those photos plus frames at that price. Rates between family photographers are likely to vary based on how experienced a photographer is, how long the shoot is, where it takes place, and the type of family photographer among other factors.

When searching for a family photographer to hire, research is necessary so that time and money aren’t wasted on the shoot. Families should look into if the photographer they’re hiring does both traditional and lifestyle photography or just one, their style, their price range and packages, and if they feel like they connect well with the photographer. The entire family being able to communicate and relax around the family photographer is essential for natural and pleasing photos.

Reasons for Family Photography

Photographs of a family happy together are important because their sentimental value is second to almost none. It benefits family members, especially the kids, to be able to see themselves together enjoying themselves as it is a reminder that their family is and should be a source of joy. An argument could be made that families can simply take pictures on their phone of them living their best life instead of arranging for a shoot with a family photographer, but DIY photos often don’t have the professional touch photos taken by a practiced expert do that make family photos worth paying for. Also, family photographers are often able to arrange for the pictures to be printed on high quality material and framed, meaning the photo will be preserved for longer and will also become a source of artwork to be admired. Family photographs are great to use for seasonal greeting cards, something that friends and coworkers often share among themselves. To top things off, family photos taken over many years are a lovely way of watching children grow up. 

A good family photographer, whether lifestyle of traditional, will be able to stage the photos so that the feel of the family can be felt from them and the resulting photograph looks like more than just people lumped together.