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Label all the boxes

Storage Units and How to Make the Most Out of Them

There are many reasons why people choose to rent a storage unit – not enough space. There are also many tips and tricks that not many people know about. We’ve written this article to give you them – tips we wish we had known when we had rented one of our own. If you did not fine one to suit your best, storage units new york are the best on the market.

It’s all about pallets

Do not keep your things directly on the floor. We know how that sounds, it’s quite silly, but you never know if, for example, snow will come under the door, or if an adjacent unit will not have a spill that will soak your items. So always use pallets before starting to fill the storage unit. It should not take you long to get them into the storage unit.

Wrap everything you can

Get all your things and see what you can wrap in plastic. This way, you’ll stay away from dust and also bugs won’t find their way in. We know it might take you some time, but in the end you’ll thank us for this excellent tip.

Get a small, strong lock

Get a small, strong lock
It’s true, most of the self-storage units are already covered when it comes to security, but better safe than sorry. What you need to do is to find an all-weather padlock that has an arm to safeguard a bolt cutter that cannot actually make its way into being damaged.

Label all the boxes

Label all the boxes
You might now what you place in those boxes for now. But you’ll probably forget sooner than expected and you’ll find yourself heretically looking for something that’s not even there. You don’t want to start opening random boxes when you don’t find a certain thing. This is why you need to label every box you place in the storage unit. You can even make a list of them and put it on the door. For example, back left the corner, right under the desk – a box with cutlery.

Extreme temperatures may happen and you need to be prepared for everything. In some parts of the country, this might not be a problem. However, there are some things that should not be placed in cold, such as electronics. Other items should not be double wrapped or insulated. Some shouldn’t have been stored in the first place. Old photos, vinyl can get ruined if they are not stored properly and if it’s too humid in the storage.

Get sand when it’s winter

As a general rule, outdoor storage units should be built in a way that the water gets drained away from the door to another place. However, this is not what happens. You’ll find large ice slicks which were formed outside your door, things that will not be pleasant when you want to get inside – it’s actually quite dangerous. If you want to get in your storage unit, you should bring sand or cat litter with you.