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Luxury Small Bathroom

5 Top Tips for a Luxury Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom that you want to transform into a luxury oasis, fear not, there are plenty of clever design tricks that can give you that feeling of infinite space. Clear your mind and be ready to be open to some new ideas.


Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of transforming a small bathroom into an area that you want to seem more spacious will come down to the lighting.

If you have the option to do so, a skylight is highly recommended. Combining a skylight with white furnishings will see the light bounce all around the bathroom. Within any small alcoves and around mirrors, consider adding task lighting along with dimmable lighting. This will help to create a dramatic effect and enhance the mood.

It’s all about the tiling

While your bathroom maybe small, what your eye can see and how small the bathroom is, may not necessarily be the same. A smart trick is to use the same tiles for the floor, walls and the side of the bath if you have one. This will instantly make a small bathroom look bigger and for best results marble is recommended. This is achieved by a constant run of tiles all around your new bathroom.

Also, you do not need to tile the entire wall to get this effect. This will work equally well just by tiling half way up the wall and then painting the rest of the wall to the ceiling with a bright color such as white. If you do tile only halfway, a dark tile is recommended.

Wall Hung Fixtures

Wall Hung Fixtures
Wall-hung fixtures and floating units provide the best perception of space as you can see more of the floor area. There is also the added benefit of the bathroom being a lot easier to clean with floating units. Wall hung vanity units are ideal for adding a luxury feel to a smaller bathroom. You might also want to consider rounded vanity units as square ones in a small space could be a hazard.

Smaller vanity units are now widely available which are manufactured especially for smaller spaces. There is also the possibility of combing a vanity unit with a toilet to save even more space.
Another wall hung fixture that can be used to create a sense of space is a mirror. You should consider adding a mirror that stretches across the wall so you are not just limited to the vanity unit should two people be using it at the same time.

Wet Room Versus Bath

Wet Room Versus Bath
A wet room can take up less space than a traditional bathroom with a bath and it can also add value to your home. There are some very distinct advantages and disadvantages to a wet room and careful consideration is advised before making a final decision.

Although a wet room can make a bathroom look smaller, it is generally not recommended for smaller bathrooms. The reason for this is that a wet room essentially contains a shower area with no shower door, shower tray or panel to enclose the shower in any way. The shower is fully open and water is likely to cover the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, toilet paper, clean towels and other accessories that you don’t want to get wet are likely to do so.

If you have a small bathroom sometimes a wet room can be built behind an alcove if you are insistent on having one. As the entire room is likely to get wet, a wet room is usually more expensive than installing a traditional bathroom as the entire bathroom will have to be waterproofed. In some cases, the bathroom may need to be resealed every so often which can be a lot of work.

One option to consider for a small bathroom is a shower over the bath which can provide the best of both worlds. Combining a shower over a bath along with a space saving short throw toilets is a great way to give a feeling of space in a smaller room.

Towel Storage

Towel Storage
The door is the ideal spot to mount a towel bar as you will free up valuable space inside the bathroom itself. You can, of course, store towels in a nearby closet and just have one towel on the towel bar itself which will eliminate the need to store too many towels in the bathroom.

If you don’t want to install a towel bar on the bathroom door then adding some stylish hooks inside the bathroom is another option. Hooks can be boring and this is about luxury, therefore you can easily make the hooks a feature as part of an artwork inside the bathroom.

For example, you could have a mural that gives the illusion that your towel is being held on a tree branch.