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How to Beat The Monday Blues With Your Team

It’s a widely known and ‘memed’ fact that Monday blues are a real thing and one of the worst things that can hit a person first thing in the morning on the first day of the working week. While there isn’t really much you can do to delete Mondays from a week, there are still some things that managers and leaders can do in office to make sure that their team members and employees don’t dread this day as much.

It might be a little difficult to get someone excited about waking up in the morning and getting dressed for work, but once they are at work, you can make things a bit more cheerful for them.
Here are some things that you can try to make the Monday blues a light blue.

1.Team Activities

Don’t make team building events and activities an occasional annual event. Make it a weekly affair, in fact Monday is a great day to conduct small team building activities with your employees. Not only will it give something to face the Monday blues, it will bring the entire team together before the start of a new week. You can gather the entire team first thing in the morning and have each of them share a unique experience or learning from the past week.

You can also ask each of them to pair up and come up with a song or a handshake within 5 minutes and ask them to perform. Any activity that gets the team together and makes them forget about the fact that it’s a Monday and have a little fun, will make for a great start to the week.

2.Personalised Motivation Messages

Personalised messages can play a great role in motivating someone on a Monday or pushing someone to do their best no matter how blue they are feeling. As leaders and managers, it would be great if you can leave little notes on the team member’s desks telling them how much you appreciate them working here or highlighting an achievement from last week and praising them. Hearing appreciation or motivation straight from the boss’ mouth makes a lot of difference in an employee’s day and might actually be what makes him/ her get to work on a Monday.

3.Meditation Mondays

Meditation can make a lot of difference on a blue and dull Monday. It can revitalise and rejuvenate a person before getting them into the routine life of work 5 days a week. The stress that builds up in the morning while thinking about the tasks ahead, can really clear up with the help of meditation and an employee will be able to think more clearly and work more effectively.

4.Take Monday Easy

If possible, cut your employees a little slack on a Monday and let them know that they can take it easy. Reduce the daily targets for a Monday but make sure that you let them know that this is only acceptable on a Monday and only in cases that do not demand an urgent action. Ask your employees to focus only on the urgent matters at hand.

5.Keep Monday Free Of Bad News

If there’s some criticism that you need to give on a project or let an employee know of your dissatisfaction with his/ her work, wait till Tuesday to deliver it. Mondays are already bad enough because they are Mondays, don’t make them worse by being a bad news Monday. Put off negative and bad news till the second or third day of the week.


These efforts can ensure, to a large extent, that Mondays go by with ease without anyone scratching out their eyeballs. Not only will an easy going Monday be a relief for the employees, it will also give them an easy start to a hectic week ahead.

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