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Top 6 Free Drop-shipping Websites In China

Drop-shipping is a fruitful endeavour to expand a business online, without having to pay excessive amounts. Almost anyone with the right knowledge of marketing can get into drop shopping and start an online store. Whether it be for clothing, electronics, home decor or toys, there are numerous free drop-shipping websites! 

Often, top drop-shipping suppliers are potent to assist you in kick-starting a boutique or establishing an online store.  You only require a set of knowledge to set up a website and select a quality supplier matching your online boutique or store’s identity. 

Many suppliers take a step even further, assisting you in setting up a website to drop-ship without much effort. Let’s explore many such valuable best drop-shipping websites for you to drop-ship:

Shewin Wholesale

Shewin is a manufacturer as well as a renowned wholesaler with full-fledged services to drop-ship and supply bulk orders. Known for its exquisite range of southern women’s apparel catering to the USA market, Shewin can be beneficial in your online store establishment journey. 

With their services, boutiques get to enjoy free drop-shipping and a low MOQ of $39 on bulk orders. You can get seamless active customer support along with Shopify API and carefree logistics support. 

Shewin can power your boutique with its trend-setting range of wholesale t-shirt dresses, sets, bottoms, tops, footwear, and accessories. All with their established brand services and a supply chain of 100 reliable collaborators. 


AliExpress is a international leading drop-shipping platform with a marketplace catering to millions of drop-shippers. On their platform, you can find suppliers for each product whether it is clothes, electronics, furniture, or cosmetics. With millions of suppliers and a variety of products to source, AliExpress hook you with drop-shipping services to grow without many complications. 


Standing out in their respective fields, CJDropshipping is a top marketplace for boutiques and other category products. They directly source their product from various suppliers such as 1688 and Taobao. 

CJdropshipping allows clients to import products, individually or in bulk, to their eCommerce website with Shopify. Because CJdropshipping has domestic warehouses in numerous countries, you can provide your customers with speedy shipping.


With a 3–day delivery in the US, DHgate is one of the free dropshipping websites with multiple products that are not usually available on other platforms. Equipping clients with fast shipping, fair refund policies and amazing product quality, DHgate is a b2b top dropshipping supplier. Though, DHgate does not provide any integrations, unlike Shewin, Aliexpress and others. 


Unlike other platforms, Sprocket fully prioritizes its services towards seamless drop-shipping online. With their best dropshipping website, you can establish a Shopify store and can kick-start selling anything from apparel to electronics. 

Sprocket is based in Vancouver, Canada and sources its products from various other drop shippers to serve their customers with to-tire products. Over the last 6 years, Spocket has already made a significant impact in the industry through its operations! 

You can also be part of this community of over 100,000 entrepreneurs across five continents by joining Sprocket. 


Wiio is a top dropshipping supplier with products sourced from an ideal supplier matching your boutiques or eCommerce needs. With integrations, available for almost all platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, CartX and Yampi Wiio ensures product quality and logistics. Along with that, order fulfillment is taken care of by Wiio with their best dropshipping suppliers.


There are several best dropshipping websites accessible for you to scale without having to worry much about logistics. Choose roses that fit your boutique or store’s needs and are capable of helping you serve your customers better, like Shewin. Free dropshipping websites like Shewin are remarkable for taking your boutique online without paying hefty funds.