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Places in the United States to Visit for Family for Holiday

When it comes to the US, most people know only a few vacations like Disney World, Canyon and New York City. However, despite these destinations being popular, there are always there for a good reason.

On the other hand, there are other visits you can travel through Opodo and venture where you could even feel being in a paradise without a big crowd and also suitable with family. In some of these sites, they might be underrated locale or something new is happening.

However, you have time to plan your traveling vacation with for your family’s holiday and therefore be ready for fueling your wanderlust. In the list, you will about the places you can visit in the United States with your family:


Chicago is a big city coming second after New York City in terms of size and population. Besides, this city has excellent skylines, shopping, restaurants, museums and numerous activities that rival other cities in the country.

On the other hand, you can take your family at Wrigley Field during the baseball season, and you won’t miss cubs’ game. For fantastic and imaginable shops and restaurants, you can check at Magnificent Mile. To get the newest attraction in Chicago, Millennium Park and Art Institute of Chicago are the places to travel through Opodo agency.

Las Vegas

Most of the people know this city because of having the luck to play casinos. However, for a family trip, you can enjoy many things in the city such as blockbuster shows, top-notch restaurants, and world-class shopping. Due to these and more activities, you can do while in Las Vegas, they make the city to become top travel destination and true desert oasis.

When with family you can walk through Neon museum because it’s the iconic sign of the city. Remember, what will happen in Las Vegas, will have to stay in Vegas.


The place is suitable for a family vacation because it is among the top destinations in the US with a quintessential Island paradise. The place has natural beauty due to Pacific culture, volcanoes, and beauty of the beaches present.

Hawaii will be the perfect place for your family to relax with favorable weather no matter the period. It’s a relaxing oasis!


The list can’t end without remembering Florida, a place of beautiful beaches and family-friendly attractions like Latino culture, Art Deco Style in Miami and Walt Disney World making Florida top destination for the family holiday.

The place is about basking in famous sunshine and getting away and therefore a huge draw during winter in the country.

New York City

The city is famous for having American icons like Times Square, Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. However, these are a few things you can check when in the city with family for a holiday.

The city is an excellent destination to both local and international visitors. You can visit theatres for the latest plays, Metropolitan Museum, Modern Art, and many more places. I wish you luck!