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Hyderabad: A Foodie’s Paradise You Should Definitely Explore

‘The Pearl City’, ‘The City of Nizams’ all these names are best suited for one southern city of India, named Hyderabad. Once, the Nawabs were the inhabitants of this city, and hence it embraces the grand citadels and is a foremost holiday destination. Furthermore, Finger-Licking food has made the place to gain fame worldwide.

Are you scheduling to visit Hyderabad with your friends or family? If yes, then explore Hyderabad on LBB. The best way to justify your expedition to Hyderabad is by exploring the food stalls and restaurants. Here are some food delicacies of Hyderabad:

Must try foods of Hyderabad:

1) Irani Chai:

Hyderabad trip is incomplete without tasting the ‘Soul of Hyderabad’, Irani chai that is famous across the world. The Persian people introduced this dish when residing in the Nawabi state. The locals of the Nawab city love to sip it all over the day. This chai embraces different flavors. The most demanded is the khade chamach ki chai, that signifies the name. The full cup of tea comprehends with half a cup of sugar within it to make the spoon stand erect in the cup. Another variety is Burkhe wali chai consisting of a dense sheet of cream. These two chai clasps the major demand of people, while other varieties are like Kashmiri chai or Special chai. The best match to have this tea is with Osmania biscuits, that completes the match. Your taste bud will absolutely get pampered when you try this out at the Hyderabadi cafes.

2) Pathar-Ka-Ghost:

This is a famous lamb preparation from the home of the Nawabi state. The preparation of this dish signifies its name as it is prepared over a large hot stone. The preparation process stores a charred and smoky flavor in it. The locals add some extra spices, as well as hot chilies to the heated meat.

This delicious, mouth-watering dish is an exact choice for the red meat lovers to change your taste bud. You can get this preparation served with vegetables and onions over a bed of steamed rice.

3) Lukhmi:

There is another non-vegetarian item with lamb minced meat boasted with spices of Hyderabad and is spicy to eat. Crispy from outside and soft inside is a deadly combination. The dish favors Hyderabadi wedding food menu and is a must-try street food of the city.

4) Hyderabadi Biriyani:

Getting started with the lip-smacking and settled dish of Hyderabad, the well-known Hyderabadi Biriyani. You will get this most delicious item in each corner of the city. You can explore any restaurant to try this delicacy as each place preserves a similar basic recipe. Dum Pukht biriyani is the most delicious one and is the most demanded one. Hyderabad outing remains inadequate without Hyderabadi Biriyani.

5) Mirchi Ka Salan:

This lovely dish of Mirchi Ka Salan is accompanied by the delicious Hyderabadi Biriyani. The chief ingredient of the dish is Long hot Hyderabadi green chili, with the base ingredients like coconut, sesame seeds, and peanuts. An exotic aroma of spice will fill your room as soon as you try this dish. This spicy treat is a must-try for you, as a food lover.

6) Hyderabadi Haleem:

The Chasua people of the Nizam rulers have introduced this traditional Arabic delicacy. The traditional spices have added flavor to this dish with some makeover. This thick paste is prepared with pounded wheat, meat, and lentils. All these combinations together complete a meal. The local flavors have added some extra taste to this dish. The prime time of having this preparation is during Eid festival in the month of Ramadan.

7) Nihari:

Nihari is an Eid specialty, is a lip-smacking lamb-stew. This unique item is a combination of the lamb brain and bone marrow. The overnight cooking and underground burying of the cooked food allows the flavors and spices to ooze cavernous into the meat. A meat lover cannot resist self to try it out.

8) Double Ka Meetha:

This is a delicious dessert recipe, popularly prepared on Eid day. The delicious crunch is loaded with dry fruits on the top, as an added flavor to the cardamom and saffron milk-soaked bread. This delicacy grips the top demand during the month of Ramzan. As the roti is swelled up to double after soaking thus, popular as Double Roti. This dessert is a perfect suit for the sweet lovers. The wedding menu of Hyderabadis remains incomplete in the absence of this dessert.

9) Phirni:

This is another traditional dessert dish and is one of the well-known foods across the city. You can have this sweet dish in the popular places of Hyderabad streets. Though this dessert is specially prepared during Ramadan, it’s available year-over. This is prepared and served in clay pots to give you a feel of an exclusive earthen flavor. This lovely dessert, a combination of fragrant rice and milk, gives an amazing treat to your taste bud.

10) Khubani ka Meetha:

This is another most popular sweet dishes from the streets of Hyderabad, popular in the name of Khubani ka Meetha. The Urdu term ‘Khubani’ specifies apricots. And the term ‘Meetha’ specifies sweet. Your expedition in the Nizam city is inadequate without this authentic dessert treat. This sweet is composed of dried apricots, and almonds are used as a topping. Malai is the traditional match of this item as a garnish. While sometimes ice cream becomes the perfect match. This item is available in the major restaurants of Hyderabad, served warm with malai as a topping.

11) Keema Samosa:

Samosa is the favorite evening snack for every Indian. This Hyderabadi Keema samosa is a definite food bomb for the Indians. This mouth-watering dish packs itself with minced meat and spicy masalas. This street food is available across all the streets of this city.

Pearl City is perfect for food lovers. This place serves major delicacy food dishes originating from Arabic and Mughal dynasties being the home of them years ago. This authentic place is a complete treat for all the meat lovers with a plethora of meat selection available along with a varied range of spices. The flavors are unique, and cannot be tasted anywhere across the world. If you want to know more about such yummy dishes, definitely explore Hyderabad on LBB when you plan your trip to Hyderabad.

Keep a day or two aside from your trip for tasting these amazing, delicious, authentic foods of Hyderabad and make your trip memorable.