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How Does a Trade-in iphone Actually Work?

Since Apple is moving towards sustainability for the past two years, it is only encouraging paper-based products for its packaging and other necessities.

Also, the company ensures to plant one tree for every removal. This made them push their customers to trade in an iPhone for the new one. 

The company has reported that its customers are happy to be a part of this initiative, and in 2018 alone, around eight million people traded their old iPhones for new ones. 

Want to know more about how Apple’s trade-in program works? Here’s a brief view of trade-in iPhones. 

  • Visit an Apple Store

Trade-in work in two ways- in-person and online. You can opt for any way whichever is convenient for you. 

For the trade-in iPhone in-person, you need to visit the nearby Apple store. Tell any one of their employees that you’re willing to purchase a new iPhone and trade in the old one. 

The employee will check your iPhone for certain criteria

  1. iPhone model (iPhone 6 and above is acceptable)
  2. The condition of the phone. (scratches, dents if any)
  3. Battery capacity.
  4. Internet connectivity.
  5. Working on front and back cameras. 

This process is the same when you trade in an iPhone through Apple’s official website. 

You have to answer a few questions asked on the site, and an employee will come to your place to verify your iPhone. 

  • Get a Quote

With in-person trading, the employee gets all your details, enters the website, and instantly gives you the worth of your phone. 

Apple accepts iPhones with damaged displays but makes sure your iPhone is powered on and free from water damage. The more damage, the less will be the money. 

Regarding the money, Apple provides you the money in the form of a gift card, which you can use for purchasing any Apple products at the moment. 

The trade-in program applies to all Apple products such as Mobile, Laptop, computer, tablets, and smartwatches. 

  • Return with your new iPhone

Once the value for your old iPhone is determined, it’s up to you to go with the offer or walk away. 

If you are ready to trade in an iPhone, then immediately your phone gets wiped up of all data and taken for refurbishing.

This is why, before returning your old iPhone, make sure to back it up on your laptop or iCloud. The latter is the best option because you can import all your data directly in your new iPhone via iCloud. 

If the iPhone you’re willing to purchase is unavailable, then you can’t trade in your old phone. 

The entire process of transferring an old phone and getting a new phone must happen simultaneously. 

Therefore ensure the model you’re willing to buy is available before trading in so that you get in with a phone and walk out with a new iPhone. 

  • What will happen to your old iPhone?

It depends on the condition of your old iPhone. If it’s in good shape, then someone purchases the iPhone for refurbishing.

If your old iPhone is not in a working condition, then Apple sends the phone for recycling so that it gets another life.

For example, Apple reuses the aluminum from the old iPhone for Macbook Air enclosures. 

For this process, Apple uses a robot named Daisy, which recycles 200 iPhones in an hour.

The Bottomline

In the same way, you can check other websites like Amazon, Verizon, Gazelle, and Target, which have similar trade-in programs, although the worth for your old phone varies.