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Bitcoin is the new sensation in casinos

An online casino has many similarities to a real casino. With the evolution of programming, operating systems and much more realistic graphic engines, digital casinos are gaining more and more prominence on the Internet. This industry, throughout its history, has always distinguished itself by going hand in hand with new technologies, adopting new advances to offer improvements to its users and attract new ones. As it could not be otherwise, the arrival of Bitcoin was not going to be wasted by this sector.

What is a crypto casino?

In order to be classified as a crypto casino it is not enough to just accept crypto currencies as a means of payment. To be a crypto casino you must go more beech and make use of the Blockchain technology.

So, a crypto casino is one that makes use of the blockchain technology and only accepts crypto currencies in its means of payment. Nowadays there are already crypto casinos that offer to be 100% transparent and that don’t manage to be advantageous for the house. This is something that has to be seen first hand, but it sounds very promising.

Established casinos like Betway or Codere are waiting to see how this new trend develops and whether they can adapt to it completely or not. For now, the crypto casinos that are in operation have a great limitation of games and are still in development.

As time goes by, we will see if this idea takes hold, which of course will have to modify some aspects to be more popular. One of them would be the diversity of means of payment and to clarify the advantage that the house has.

In that sense, for a crypto casino to be established, it must inspire confidence and be transparent in its operations. The ideal is to have licenses to operate with crypto currencies and establish a return of money to the player between 95 and 99%.

The rise of online payment systems

The highest payout online casinos and rise of online payment systems has strongly boosted casinos, where PayPal and Bitcoin stand out as the main online payment methods preferred by users so far. If we talk about crypto currencies, we have to say that they have given birth to a totally new branch, there are online casinos and games like online roulette that admit the possibility of deposit with electronic pocket as Skrill, characterized by having certain advantages that make it stand out from the rest because it can be operated in several currencies and also in bitcoin.

The main advantage that Bitcoin offers us is time. While using bank transfers we might have to wait for days, if we use cryptomoney the confirmation is a matter of minutes, if not instantaneous. Although using a credit card is also a fairly quick option, not all users can access this financial instrument, at least not as easily as Bitcoin.

Anyone who owns a computer or mobile device with internet access can buy and use bitcoins, without the need for paperwork or bank permissions. Casinos that accept Bitcoin benefit from this feature, by allowing users who use their platform to do so from anywhere in the world, regardless of their geographical location.

Another very attractive feature is that, while Bitcoin does not provide total anonymity to the user, it does enable them to be able to send and receive payments without having to expose their identity, which becomes a very attractive advantage for anyone who wants to enjoy the online casino experience without having to provide personal information. In order to operate with Bitcoins, you only need to provide the Bitcoins portfolio address, also known as the public portfolio.

In their quest to provide a simulation experience as close as possible to a real casino, online casinos use cryptography values to demonstrate to all users the odds of playing at a Bitcoin casino. They do this to ensure the randomness of the results and to make sure that users don’t benefit from one over another.

Digital casinos continue to gain ground, and much of the blame lies with the adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method.