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How to Recover Data From Damaged Hard Drive

Many people suffer from most stressful digital experience i.e. data loss. Sometimes people accidentally delete files. Sometimes people remove recycle bin unintentionally. And the consequence is data loss. Many times people try their best to recover data from damaged hard disk but they fail. Even prayers don’t work in such a case.

  1. You can use any data recovery software. It is recommended to use ‘recoverit’ data software. This data recovery software will help you recover the data. You have to download and install the software on your PC.
  2. Once you download the software you need to select the drive on your hard disk. You have to click on the scan button. Once after clicking on the scan button the software will start scanning the lost data and files.
  3. You will get a complete scan report after the completion of the recovery operation. The report will contain a list of all files. Some of them will be complete whereas some of them will be incomplete.
  4. Just after the completion of the scanning process, you will get access to your deleted and lost files. All the deleted and lost files can be found in “Deleted files” drive. You need to double-click on files to preview them. After the preview, you will be asked to select the required files.
  5. Select on recovery button and save them at the safe place in your PC.

This is how you can recover data from damaged hard disk.

  • What you can do in the absence of technological knowledge?

  1. The very first step would be to stop using a computer. Once you turn it off don’t start it again. You may make the situation more problematic. Try to get a professional repair service as soon as possible. You can try to attach your hard drive with another device. If your hard drive works on that device then you need not worry much. But before removing a hard drive don’t forget to unplug your computer.
  2. You need to know that hard drive recovery is not that easy. It should be done by professionals only. The hard drive is constructed in a very complex manner. That’s why it is not possible for an average person to retrieve the data stored. You need to have advanced knowledge of electronics in order to fix the drive. It will be better if you rely on a professional repair service.
  3. A failed attempt to fix a dead hard drive may make the situation worse. The professional may not be able to repair the drive. So it is suggested not to try if you don’t know what to do. In fact, replacing the PCB board requires advanced knowledge.
  4. Don’t commit a mistake by consulting multiple companies. Stick to just one company to get a better service. Each time the hard drive is opened and fixed, the efficiency of the hard drive gets reduced. Your hard drive may stop working because of environmental hazards.
    It is obvious to panic when you lose data. But it is important not to worsen the situation. Take help from recoverit and be relaxed.
  • Why recoverit?

The answer will be why not recoverit? This data recovery software is amazing. It is trusted by many users throughout the world. It has powerful scan functions which perform the recovering process with ease. It has an advanced file-recovery algorithm. Due to it, the software gets access to deleted files, restored files, damaged files etc. It has successfully made its mark by providing the following services:

  1. It has a good set of features which help the user to find the lost files.
  2. It scans smoothly and effectively
  3. It is easy to use this software. The layout is clear and helping.
  4. It guarantees to give virus-free service.
  5. It is one the best reliable data recovery software’s.
  6. It has a very high recovery rate.
  • Summary

Data loss is an automatic process. If it happens with you then don’t worry. Take a professional aid and you will be able to recover files from dead hard drive.