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4 Things to Look For When Hiring Movers in Phoenix AZ

Moving into another house or office space will consume a lot of your time and requires too much effort. In this kind of situation, movers can be a big help.

Hiring movers will make the process easier. Although it’s a little expensive, you can ensure that your things will be moved without any damage, when you call for the assistance of professionals. It will save you time and effort, especially if you have a hectic schedule.

You can find many movers in Phoenix, Arizona, and you can hire them in an instant. However, you have to be vigilant when it comes to this matter, for the reason that it may be a fraud. So, you have to consider some things, which are listed below, before hiring expert movers in Phoenix.

1.Highly recommended

When you are left with a wide array of options, your best choice is always a highly recommended mover with consistent good feedbacks. Good ratings and recommendations are still the best ways to immediately tell that a mover is doing great in their service.

This fact, alone, can already give you a big boost of confidence to not worry too much about your belongings, as they will inevitably arrive in one piece to your new home. One of the best ways for you to check recommendations, feedback and ratings is to visit a mover’s website, such as

2.Successful track record

The criterion “long period” can be very subjective; but when it comes to the service industry, the best way for you to tell if a mover has been in the business for a long time already is to check if it is a household or local name.

If it has so much popularity, even with the older generation, then this can be a confirmation that it is indeed a veteran in this type of business. When the mover has a successful track record, you know that they are trustworthy enough not to run away with your things, and they are also well versed with what they are doing.

3.Employees with good character and expertise

You should always choose a mover with a team of well-mannered, polite and responsive employees, especially the drivers. It will give you a peace of mind when you can easily contact the driver and movers assigned to you when you have any questions about your belongings, and other queries that you might have.

Moving to another place is already a heavy task to begin with, and it can be a very inconvenient and stressful situation to deal with a company that is extremely hard to contact and reach.

More importantly, they should put a lot of care and attention in packing your belongings, and treat it in the same meticulous manner, as they would care for their own. They should share the same goal like you, which is to get all these belongings to the destination free of any damage, or even just the most minute scratches.

4.Reasonable price

A reliable mover will be able to give you a detailed and precise estimate of costs. Upon your first meeting, they should take a good look at the things that you want to be transported, and the specifics of your trip, such as the location — if there are any stop-over that you wish, and other matters along that line.

When your mover is involved in asking you these details, they can provide you with clear and well-defined estimates, which will most likely be very close to the actual cost. When the mover presents you with the clear and detailed estimate, this price tag should also be commensurate with the totality of the service that they will do for you.

You can tell if the price is right through the following means:

  • Asking friends or family members who have also hired a mover before
  • Look for a quotation from at least three to five different movers in Phoenix

Stay away from companies that will only present you with a vague and general estimate of what the total cost may be. Keep in mind that hiring a mover is always expensive, and you do not want to shock yourself later on with many additional costs that you did not even agree to in the first place, or that you were not informed about.


These tips will help you make a more informed decision when you are looking for a mover in Phoenix, Arizona. Before you make a final choice, it’s always best that you do your research first, and see if the mover has met the above mentioned criteria. Remember, you are entrusting your valuable possessions in the hands of strangers; hence, you must have great confidence and trust in the company that you choose.