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O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom with Dust Pan

Every house needs a dependable broom that can clear all the dust and debris after a little clutter or a heavy storm. Broom is one such important item in the house without which all your work is incomplete as it keeps your space clean and dust free. It seems simple thus we think that any ordinary broom will be good for a cleaning job. Of course, any broom can do that job but not with perfection you need therefore it is wise to pick up the best broom.

Moreover, people think that a vacuum is the best option to get perfect cleaning. However, even vacuum cannot do the job 100% and it’s obvious that you are not going to use it daily. It is not good for cleaning every- day dirt. A broom is best for handling daily routine cleaning. It is handy and affordable as you can clean everywhere without worrying about the distance. Vacuum cannot be taken everywhere.

Broom is a basic household item but it comes in different varieties that have to be taken care of. Broom comes in different shapes, widths, and lengths. The best one will depend on the area which needs to be clean. Different cleaning areas include concrete surface, hardwood, or wood-like surface. A broom is suitable for all places in your house such as kitchen, bathroom, courtyard, lower basement, living room, and garage. The size of broom and its shape depends on this area and corners. Therefore, one must pick the best one which can find places in all such areas of their house.

To help you get the best broom, we have some tips to follow while selecting the best broom.

Hygiene design brooms

The traditional brooms have folded bristles which are stapled in a block. This type of holding gives a tight fitting to the bristles which keep them in the place. This type of broom provides better hygiene and sanitation which are desired. Pick up the broom that has better design and construction which focuses on hygiene.

Bristle stiffness

Different debris size can be accommodated easily depending upon the length and thickness of bristle. Bristles can be soft as well as stiff. The soft one can easily pick up small particles such as sugar, dust, and flour. For good effect, they are best used with a cleaning agent. Stiffer ones are better for cleaning up the large debris. Broom with stiff bristles is best for cleaning difficult strains as they have more strength for cleaning and scrubbing. However, there are combo bristles which can be used in both cases.

Sweeping brooms-

The best of all brooms are sweeping brooms. It comes in different varieties such as angled brooms, push brooms, upright brooms and lobby dustpan sets. For narrow spaces, angled brooms are ideal as they can collect large particles of debris. The HouseWire recommends O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom with Dust Pan for such type of cleaning.

For large areas push brooms works best. It has thick bristles which make it strong enough to push large particles. Lobby brooms or upright brooms are ideal for narrow spaces. The lobby dustpan sets are best for sweeping as it has a dustpan attached to it which makes the cleaning and throwing away of debris convenient.

An ideal broom should have the above features. However, the decision merely doesn’t depend upon the type of broom; various other factors have to be considered as well.

    • Your budget- hundreds of artistic version of brooms come which may cost you a few dollars. You can spend on a good quality broom that will last for long or can pick up a cheap broom which will work for a few months. Everything depends on your budget.
    • Environmental factors- brooms are made of synthetic materials and natural depending upon the type of applications. Eco-friendly choices will be best for both cleaning and environment as in the last broom will itself turn into debris when it will be of no use. Consider buying broom made of natural fiber which causes no harm to the environment.
  • Special features-the choice of broom also depends on the special features it has. One may look for the additional features such as broom made of synthetic fibers, densely packed bristles, angle head, attached dustpans, etc.

The bottom line or conclusion is that the selection of broom should meet your needs. Your needs are the deciding factor when it comes to picking the best broom. One can also go for house cleaning services for office cleaning or industrial cleaning. However, for those who want it for home cleaning, the housewire recommends O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom with Dust Pan.

It is an angled plastic type broom which has double bristles. It comes with following unique features such as:

  • Wide mouth dustpan
  • Flare tip technology
  • Eco-friendly as it is made from recycled plastic
  • Durable
  • Good for cleaning any kind of debris
  • Dense bristles

O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom with Dust Pan is designed for giving you the best cleaning experience. It sweeps up the floor very well and doesn’t hurt your wrist and back. It is well-designed dustpan avoids over-sweeping. The rubber edge in dustpan makes sure that the dirt or debris falls into the pan cleanly. It has the simple, eco-friendly and straightforward design. These feature of O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom with Dust Pan Makes it faster and extra effective.

It can easily capture hair, debris and other small as well large particles of debris. The flat contact design of the broom gives full contact of a broom with a floor. Its angled bristles clean the debris from every corner of the surface giving a shine and clean surface. The double bristle technology makes it quite different from other brooms in the market.

Moreover, it perfectly fit according to the factors given above. Therefore, one doesn’t have to look for other brooms in the market. One can simply choose this one without worrying about its quality. It also fits into your budget. Thus the perfect broom which the housewire recommends you is O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom with Dust Pan.