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The Connection between Breast Shape and Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the top cosmetic procedures performed, worldwide. While the held belief is that all who opt to undergo augmentation surgery are looking to increase volume, this isn’t the case.

Breast augmentation surgery can also restore breasts to a much more pleasing and flattering contour. This is often the case after pregnancy or a large weight loss.

The augmentation procedure can result in shapelier breasts that have the more youthful silhouette women are looking for.

The relationship between augmentation surgery and breast shape

Breast implants can only work within the confines of your natural shape. Many of the women who go to their first consultation have set ideas in their mind about what they are hoping to see in terms of results. Many often take in photos of what they’re hoping to achieve.

It’s important, however, to keep in mind that your cosmetic surgeon can alter only the pre-existing shape of your breast. As an example, if your breasts are widely set apart then you may not be able to attain the cleavage that you are looking for.

A cosmetic surgeon with great experience can help you to manage the expectations that you have about breast augmentation surgery. A top breast surgeon details as much information as is possible so that you can also help you to understand the natural shape of your breasts so that you can learn what may be achievable through cosmetic procedures.

Understanding dimensional planning

Breast augmentation is certainly a very customisable cosmetic procedure. However, your surgeon is not able to alter the natural shape of your breasts. Each woman has her own unique size and shape to her breast, along with varying measurements on her chest.

This is what cosmetic surgeons refer to as dimensional planning; they work within the limitations of the individual dimensions of your chest and breast.

It can often be easier to communicate your cosmetic goals by using photos. This will give you surgeon the opportunity to discuss with you what achievable goals are, and what cannot be achieved within the confines of your individual shape and dimensions.

Skilled surgeons will use any number of techniques to help you to meet your cosmetic goals. Being aware of the natural shape of your breasts and understanding that the best in augmentation results are achieved when your surgeon builds upon your natural foundation.

Choosing implant size, based upon your shape

During your initial consultation with your surgeon you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals as well as learn more about what is realistically achievable. You will be able to try out different sizes in implants to learn a bit more about what you would look like after your procedure. This will primarily help you to pick the volume that you’d like to see after your procedure.

Your plastic surgeon will work with you to develop an individualised treatment plan that will include the type of implant you select, and potentially combine it with other procedures like a breast lift and nipple realignment. The goal of your cosmetic surgeon is to help you to achieve your desired goals, taking your natural shape and dimension into consideration. Your results should look and feel natural.

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