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How to Clean Golf Clubs with Windex?

Playing golf doesn’t involve much of the running around associated with sports such as football, but whoever thought that golfers don’t break a sweat is seriously mistaken. Golf is all about getting that perfect swing; thus, it requires practice as well as strategy.

So to say that a TaylorMade Driver or any golf club for that matter itself goes through a lot would be an understatement. While the clubhead gets the most attention, it isn’t the only piece of equipment you should be thinking about. Golf grips are the only part of the club that the player physically comes into contact with; however, people barely think about these.

Contrarily, buying the right grips to suit the golfer is an important pre-play decision for the latter. The sturdier the grip, the better the final shot and hence, increased chances of winning the game.

But what about when these grips get dirty? Many golfers never wear gloves, which is why their grips tend to soak in all the sweat, moisture, and gunk. A dirty clasp looks worn down on the surface, but it can also be responsible for missed shots.

This is because all the messy substances coating the grip may loosen the golfer’s hold, ultimately leading to a swing that barely hits the mark. Fortunately, you do not need to buy new golf grips as long as you have Windex.

How to clean golf grips with Windex

Windex may be sold as a glass and surface cleaner, but everyone knows that it can clean practically everything. And golf grips are no exception! With minimal supplies and some elbow grease, you can easily clean yours at home. The process is pretty simple; all you need is a little soap, water, a cleaning cloth, and of course, some Windex.

Step 1: Wash the grips with soap

If you’re wondering why you have to use soap and water when you’re using Windex to clean the grips, the reason is that the surface cleaner can’t penetrate deep inside every layer. So, get a small bucket, add some soap and water, and soak the grips for around ten minutes.

This will allow the toughest of the gunk to ‘soften up,’ after which you can rub the grips with a microfiber cloth. Alternatively, you can also use detergent to get the job done, and a brush could also replace the cleaning cloth. However, be careful when using something with harsh bristles as it may damage the grips.

Step 2: Coat the grips with Windex

Once you’ve rinsed the grips, apply the Windex. Make sure to do this quickly, so the grips don’t dry, and be generous. This isn’t to say that your grips should be soaking in Windex; instead, every inch should be sufficiently coated. Let it sit for a short while, and then wipe the material off with a dry microfiber cloth.

Step 3: Let them dry off completely

While this is the last step, it’s just as important as the previous ones. Verily, to make sure the grips don’t get dirty again soon, allow enough time for them to dry completely before using them.