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How To Manage Emergency Dental Care Needs Of Your Child

Don’t worry that your children may fall and get hurt while running or playing. Allow them to play and enjoy their childhood actively. On the other hand, you can get yourself prepared for any hurt or injury – physical and dental. You can help your child to recover and get back to his favourite playground.  

You can visit a kid’s emergency dentist Port Melbourne  to learn and educate yourself with some essential dental care tips so that you can treat your child during emergencies. Let us know about some crucial tips that will help you to handle your kid’s problems.

What to do?

A dental emergency can be compared to any other physical injury in many respects. Both require care and proper remedies to control pain, suffering, discomfort, or inconvenience. You will have to act promptly in case of your child’s oral or dental trauma:   

  • First, check for bleeding and apply pressure to stop it. 
  • Next, clean the wounded area with an antiseptic or saltwater.  
  • Assess the severity of bleeding or injury. 
  • Book an appointment with your paediatrician or dentist without delay. 

If you notice swelling in the face or mouth area, you can use a cool compress or an ice pack to control it. Make your child feel calm and reassure him that your dentist has enough expertise to relieve his pain and repair the dental issue. 

If your child loses his baby tooth in the accident, a new tooth will appear naturally after some time. However, if it’s a permanent tooth, you must pick it up and try to place it back in his mouth without touching its root.  

It will help maintain the moisture, and there are high chances that your dentist can reattach it without much complication. If you can’t place it back in your child’s mouth, you can preserve it gently in a container with milk. It will help in keeping the root moist for long.  

How To Prepare First Aid Kit For Dental Emergencies?

A dental first aid kit is essential to get yourself prepared for your kid’s dental care emergency. Apart from the items found in a standard first aid box, it should contain essential oral care items, including:   

  • Gauze 
  • Mouthwash 
  • A small cup 
  • A storage container 
  • A cold compress 
  • A sealed bottle with a cap 

You must place it where you can access it quickly if the need arises. 

Emergency Dental Care Visit of Your Child

It’s an intelligent decision on your part to book an appointment and visit your dentist as quickly as possible. Instant action from an experienced and qualified dental care professional makes a huge difference in your child’s oral health.  

If your kid’s tooth has been removed or knocked out due to injury, an immediate dentist visit is essential to prevent infection, check the bite, control bleeding, and address the issues. 

Final Thought

Hopefully, your child may not have to face pain, discomfort, or trauma of dental emergencies. However, if it happens, your quick and prompt action can save your child from permanent teeth damage and will help him to recover soon.  

You must instruct your child to use a mouthguard while playing or participating in sports to prevent sports injuries. With your emergency first aid kit and some essential emergency tips, you can feel confident about handling your kid’s dental emergency.