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Professional Locksmith Services at Competitive Prices

If you’re looking for a reliable, trusted and skilled locksmith company that is affordable and can handle all sorts of locksmithing issues from residential to commercial as well as automotive, call Amsterdam Locksmith, Upper Westside, NY today at!

At Amsterdam Locksmith, Upper Westside, NY we have a professional team of locksmiths who remain available 24/7 and are proficient at dealing with all type of ‘lock and key’ issues.

Looking at rekeying your locks?

One of the most in-demand services that locksmiths are called out for is the rekeying residential, commercial and vehicle locks. Most people want their locks rekeyed when they lose their keys or hand them over to someone whom they don’t trust anymore.

Rekeying is a fairly simple process for our skilled technicians that includes changing the configurations of the current lock pin so that it can no longer be opened with the old key. A set of new keys are made for all the locks to ensure no unauthorized entry. In addition to this, Amsterdam Locksmith, Upper Westside, NY offers a number of other services like installing master key systems, putting patio door locks, digital door locks, transponder keys and much more.

Extracting broken keys

Whether we like it or not, most keys wear out a lot faster then we expect. Many drivers/car owners are no strangers to keys breaking while unlocking a car or when turning the ignition. Wear and tear of the key and the lock itself can often be a factor in causing keys to break along with external forces. If such an instance arises call one of our reliable locksmiths immediately before trying methods of your own as this generally leads to more harm than good. Once called, the best car locksmith team will go above and beyond to solve your problem, regardless of the time and situation. In addition to our broken key removal service, we offer various other services like repairing and replacing your old locks and installing deadbolts and peepholes for added security.

Simplify Your Life; Install a master key system

Master key systems are especially helpful for business owners that need to visit multiple properties and locations that all require a different set of keys. Carrying a bundle of keys around all the time can be extremely cumbersome and also dangerous in case you lose them, or they get stolen. With the help of a master key system, one key can open many doors, eliminating the need to burden yourself with a bunch of keys. The commercial locksmith department at Amsterdam Locksmith offers all types of master key systems at economical prices.

Looking for an emergency locksmith?

The emergency locksmith and lockout services offered by Amsterdam Locksmith are the fastest and most trusted and reliable locksmith services available in Upper Westside, NY. What happens if you need a locksmith during the holiday season? Or your key gets stuck after working hours? Amsterdam Locksmith locksmiths come to your rescue as our teams of locksmith technicians are available 24/7 in Upper Westside, NY and remain active even on weekends and holidays offering untimely convenience to all our customers.

Company Name: Amsterdam Locksmith
Address: Upper Westside, NY
Phone: 646-661-1717