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10 Uses of Kitchen Torch You Might Have Missed Out

All these days I used culinary or kitchen torch just for making up Crème Brulee for my cakes only. But very recently I have discovered that these sorts of torch have multiple uses and they are not designed to perform just one task. I always used to think a culinary torch is basically a single use item. And because of my though I never actually bought one of these on my own before I was gifted one!

What I wasn’t thinking that a culinary or kitchen torch shoots out fire. And do you know what a kitchen is about? Is it only about a STREAM HOT FIRE? Cooking food is all about fire! So, let’s dig into some cool kitchen torch uses, things this little kitchen gadget can do that you might had no idea.

Some Handy Knowledge About Culinary Torches

When you will search for kitchen torches you will find dozens of options out there. There are some torches there which are cheap then again you will find expensive ones as well. Before buying the torch make sure to do a test of its capacity of burning. It should have the capacity of tempering at least the minimum of 2500° Fahrenheit. Also, if it does not light up in your first try don’t lose hope or think it’s broken as sometimes it doesn’t light up in the very first try. You should choose a model with a burning time of 60 minutes.

The handle should be ergonomic and should fit inside your hand perfectly. The handle should be position in a safe distance so that you do not get burned while using it. There should be something to adjust the flow of gas to adjust the size of the flame. Keep the flame dark blue and short and keep an eye out for the roaring and hissing those should be kept narrowed down.

Culinary Torch Uses

Peeling Peppers

This is a super-fast and super cool method to peel peppers. So, once you hold peppers in front of your kitchen torch the outmost layer skin of the peppers get blistered, leaving most of the pepper still crisp. Or are you looking for a more roasted pepper texture? Then just do not peel the pepper and roast it with you very own handy kitchen torch. But the peeling method is super fine right! Thought so.

Blistered Tomatoes

Blistering tomatoes are even easier and better. Forget the old way of dumping them in a pot filled with hot water. Just get your torch and run it on the skin, it shrivels up and almost peels off on its own. Amazing right!

Torched Breakfast

Want to toast your beard. Just torch it up a bit. Will be as crunchy as ever. Also, you can torch up grapefruit with sugar and salt sprinkled over it.

S’Mores, DUH

My friend, you can make s’ mores any time you want now. You do not need a campfire for that any longer. But the main thinker here is to be careful. Keep your heat low or that will burn up or completely blacken the marshmallow. But either than that now you can make marshmallows any time you want within 5-6 minutes. So, are you up for a Netflix and chill night with a bowl full of s’mores?

Sugar Steak!

So, one day I tried to use this magical tool to cook up sugar steaks and my experiment was a success.
So, sugar stakes are very easy to make but you definitely need a high amount of heat to cook it up.
What basically you need to do is cook up the steak on a minimal level as per your usual method (cast iron skillet, grill, whatever), then add a mixture of sugar to it. Sprinkle some salt and pepper for flavors as well. I recommend you to use 3 parts of sugar – 1-part kosher salt – 1 part coarse ground pepper. Then heat it up with the culinary torch to cook the steak up completely but be cautious. It might pick up flavors from the gas if you hold the steak for too long and too close. So, do not sear the steak too much.

Mix the cooked steak with some caramelized sugar. Also, add up some pepper and salt if needed.
And voila you got your sugar steak.

So, culinary or kitchen torches make up for a really delicious steak with crackling crusts. And because of its focused heat, it generally does not mess up your perfect steak or undercooks it. Just keep an eye so it does not get overcooked.


So, you made your very first pizza but you are worried about how to melt the cheese for the topping. Well, your kitchen torch is going to come in handy now!

Wood burning

You can burn up wood with this little kitchen gadget. Lather crafting and stencil cutting can be done as well.

Lighting Stoves

Some stoves are not automatic and will not light up even after turning the dial. So, you can use a kitchen torch to light up that stove of yours.

Flaming Shots

Now you can flame your shots with the help of your kitchen torch you can flame up your shots and impress your guests.

Caramelize Your Sugar on Your Omelet

Now you can caramelize your sugar and have a fine omelet as your everyday snack partner. You also can caramelize sugar for desserts and cakes.

Baffled? So, was I. But, I’ve completely come around and now I use my kitchen torch pretty much every week!