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9 Living Room Curtain Ideas to Brighten up Your Home

Living room curtains are usually the last thing that comes to mind when planning your room’s decor. But the right set of curtains can make your room look polished and pulled together.

Whether you want your curtains to stand out or blend in the options for living room curtains are endless. This article will give you 9 living room curtain ideas to brighten up your space and add a touch of personality.

1. Light, Airy Sheers

Sheer living room curtains are highly versatile. They filter and diffuse light during the day while retaining the privacy of your home.

If you are looking to add more light to your living room you have two choices: replacement windows or a pair of sheer curtains. Both will make your living room appear larger and full of light.

Sheers can be made from several different types of fabric and come in a variety of colors and styles. With all the different types of sheers, it is possible to get many different looks with this style of curtain.

They are easy to clean and low-maintenance. The work best in living rooms or rooms where you want to alow in the light.

2. Geometric Prints

If you’re looking to make a statement with your curtains and drapes, choose a bold geometric print. A geometric print can blend into the wall if you choose neutral colors or color the same or your walls.

On the other hand, you can also choose a bright coordinating color that plays nicely with your main room colors. Make sure you keep your room balanced by bringing in the geometric print pattern or color elsewhere in your room.

A good example of this is using the print on couch pillows or in a throw. Geometric print curtains always pair nicely with a floral print rug. Pair these two patterns together if you want to make a big first impression.

3. Bold Patterns

Bold patterns work nicely on window curtains. You can mix patterns throughout the room for a unique look.

One strategy when mixing patterns is to use a floral, geometric print, stripe, and solid. Make sure each of these patterns have similar colors and they should pair together nicely. Together they make a nice mix for any living room.

4. Striped Curtains

Horizontal striped curtains are good at making your living room appear larger. Choose a color that pairs nicely with your living room palette. White bold blue may a classic nautical look.

Black and white stripes are always a classic. If you want something a little different try ivory and brown stripes. It adds a touch of warmth to your room.

Vertical stripes can also be just as beautiful in the right setting. Vertical stripes are used to make your room look taller.

5. Floral Designs

Floral curtains may appear to be too feminine or too old-fashioned. But they don’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to use floral curtains in your living room and make them feel modern.

Floral curtains can be bold. A vibrant colored background or larger print gives your room a striking boldness. Tie in your flowers to different colors that are used around your room.

You can also use floral curtains with teeny-tiny flowers. The emphasis should be on the colors, not the print. Colors like black or red play down the femininity of the print and provide a modern sense of balance.

Choose curtain accessories that add elegance. A silver hook or classic curtain tie back can help your curtains appear more modern and add to a polished finished look of the room.

6. The Royal Treatment

Give your room the royal treatment by adding purple curtains. Purple has long been associated with royalty, kings, and queens. A purple curtain in your living room adds elegance and makes the room feel luxurious.

Choose a fabric like crushed velvet or a heavy brocade. You want t teacher fabric for these types of curtains.

Purple curtains look great surrounding your windows and when it is time for a little privacy they do a great job of disrupting the view from the outside of your home.

7. Rustic Plaid

There is no better way to play up a rustic cottage look than by adding a great pair of plaid curtains. They provide a dose of masculinity and formality to your living room.

Plaid curtains pair nicely with stone accents, reclaimed wood floors, and other organic touches in your home. There are also many different patterns and colors of plaid to choose from.

8. Country Checks

Gingham checks, also called buffalo plaid, are coming back strong. This farmhouse chic inspired look plays well with the French country design and modern-day shabby chic homes.

The beloved check pattern can be found in many different colors and different sizes. If you have small window curtains, use a smaller check to avoid having the curtains overpower the room. Neutral tone checks. Such as grey, linen, or off white, also play nicely in traditional homes.

The classic red and white check brings back memories of summer barbeques and picnics and has a wholesome family quality to it.

9. Modern Monochromatic

Lastly, some designers are choosing curtains that match the exact color of the walls. These monochromatic rooms can look very bold when done correctly.

Take samples of your wall color or wallpaper with you when you are shopping for curtains to get an exact match. Then play around with accents like tassels, hooks, and curtains rods in a variety of colors and styles.

Top Living Room Curtain Ideas

Your living room can get a quick update just by changing the curtains. Use these living room curtain ideas as a source of inspiration for your living room redecorating project. Let your curtains show off your home’s personality and style and make a statement for guests.

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