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How to Style Your Games Room

For those who are lucky enough to have extra rooms at home that they don’t know what to do with, turning it into a games room is a popular choice. Great for the kids, guests and even to enjoy some time alone, a games room will be enjoyed by everyone.

Whether you’re converting an old attic or basement into a recreational haven, or any other spare room, it needs to be fun, comfortable, and inviting. Here are a few ideas on how you can style your games room and create the perfect atmosphere for some frivolous fun.

What Games?

First of all, you need to decide what kind of games you will have in this room, and that could depend a lot on how much space you have to work with. For larger rooms, pool tables and retro arcade games could be a great idea and are perfect for entertaining guests. Smaller rooms could still house one or two of the retro games perhaps, but setting it up for video gaming and stocking up on family favorites like Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit might be a better idea.

Divide the Space

If you are working with a larger area such as a basement, consider how you can divide the space into sections. For example, this might involve having an area that is dedicated to video gaming in a quieter corner of the room. Larger things like a pool table could take center stage as they tend to be the most popular at parties or gatherings of friends. If you are going to get a collection of board games, having a comfortable table and chairs in another corner of the room would also be a good idea.


A games room needs to be fun and comfortable, so investing in some good furniture is also important. Cozy couches and armchairs to lounge in are a great idea. They will certainly help to encourage the feeling of fun and relaxation. For video gaming, you should also think carefully about what kind of seating you’ll be using as these gaming sessions can last for hours if you and your friends are on a role. SumoLounge specializes in seating that has been designed with a gamer’s comfort in mind and is perfect for those who tend to spend a lot of time playing.


Once you have decided on the bigger things you will need for a perfect games room, the next step is thinking about the overall décor. If this is going to be the room that you spend the most time entertaining in, it should reflect that in your efforts. For example, signs in neon lighting can make a room look fun and reminiscent of the old 80s arcades which would be ideal if you have invested in some of those products. Art prints that pay homage to classic games are also a great choice that will capture the vibe of the room perfectly. Remember that you’re trying to make the room feel comfortable, too. Invest in some throws to drape over couches, and if there is a stone or wooden floor in the room, a rug could bring it together.


The lighting in a room is pivotal to creating the right atmosphere, and so you should pay attention to this if you’re trying to style the ultimate games room. A lot of this will depend on the kinds of games you have in there, too. For example, poker or pool tables should have a low hanging light above that illuminates them. This makes it easier for players to see what they’re doing. Match this with some wall sconces or lamps to relax the rest of the room. Softer lighting is always better for casual entertaining, so choosing these kinds of lighting fixtures for your games room is likely to be the best way to go. If you want to have the option of brighter lights though, consider installing ones that can be dimmed to have the best of both worlds.

A Bar Area

To take your games room to the next level, think about incorporating a bar somewhere in it. You don’t have to make it a huge, fully stocked bar, but having a fridge with some cold beers and maybe a few snacks in a corner somewhere could make entertaining guests a bit easier. Rather than going back and forth to the kitchen every time someone needs a refill, all they have to do is open a fridge or visit the bar in the room. If you’re planning to create this room with kids in mind, swap the beers out for sodas instead.

Consider Security

This doesn’t mean you need to set up CCTV and act like your games room is the casino, but having a good lock on the door might be a good idea. Hopefully, this will never happen, but in case your home does get broken into, a room full of games consoles and TV monitors as well as other expensive items would be a burglar’s. While you’re likely to have good security measures in place at home already, if you’re going to have a games room filled with these items an extra precaution couldn’t hurt.

Having a games room at home is a great luxury to have and will be enjoyed by your family and friends over and over. If this is going to become the entertainment center for your household, it needs to be comfortable and fun to spend so much time in.

Some of the styling suggestions above will require more space and a bigger budget, but if that isn’t feasible for you, that doesn’t mean your games room can’t still be awesome.

With the right décor choices and good furniture, a smaller room can be transformed into a fun, gaming paradise. If you’re planning to convert an unused room into a games room for you and your family, think about the points above and how they can help you create the ideal games room for you.

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