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Wellness Trends to Try in 2019

2018 saw many beauty trends enter the industry-from jade rollers to cleansing oils to flannel hair. But despite having been an eventful year, 2019 has so far not disappointed. It has been jam-packed with glamour and more glitz than in past years. The following are some of the trends that have so far rocked this year, and others expected to debut later in the year:

Lilac Hair

Smokey lilac hair made its debut three years ago in 2016. 2019 is expected to see a return of lilac dye if the web searches are anything to go by. According to statistics from Pinterest, web searches for straight up lilac dye have risen by more than 1077 percent in the last few months. If you want to keep up with the trends, then it is time that you made a hair appointment with your hairdresser. Chances are that this may end up being the biggest beauty trend of this year. Alternatively, you could always choose to use your purple shampoo for a few more weeks.

Embracing the Greys

2019 is the year you start embracing the grey hair popping up all over your head. If the trend continues, you will no longer be afraid of the greying hair. Many people are expected to start their search for grey hair, with web statistics indicating an increase for searches on how to ‘grey my hair.’ Current statistics place this particular search term in the second position with +879 percent searches. This is the clearest indication that people are finally ready to start embracing their roots.

Bold Lips

Glossier is credited with a noticeable increase in the minimal makeup movement. It was a movement that posed a serious challenged to the traditional heavy Instagram look favored by many.

But for this year, start making plans on how to make compromises. It is the year to start pairing up with bold lips. Standout bold lip colors will be the in-thing this year.

Powder Nails

Have you finally managed to get rid of your gel nail addiction? If not, prepare your mind and body to become obsessed with SNS or powder dipping. Turning to powder as opposed to gel guarantees that the manicure will last for a longer duration.

The good news is that it will not cause any harm to your gel nails. It often lasts for about a month before any damages can be seen.

Liquid Exfoliators

It is worth pointing out that if you have not tried liquid exfoliators as of now, then you clearly are missing out. First of all, you should note that exfoliators are more serious than they actually sound. It involves using acid to get rid of your evening complexion by eliminating all dead cells that may be present on your skin.

Jeunesse Global

It is not possible to talk about the beauty and wellness industry without mentioning Jeunesse Global. Jeunesse initially started in the hearts and minds of two like-minded visionaries—Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray.

Having worked in other industries and recorded tremendous success, the two visionaries decided to leave their self-imposed retirement to focus on a new venture. It was a venture that would see them introduce Jeunesse Global to the world on 9th September 2009, at 9 p.m. Number 9 is a number that has often been used to represent longevity. But for the founders, it was a representation of their need to thrive and survive.

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