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The Eight Best-Known Flowers for a Dream Wedding

The flowers are part of all the moments of a wedding and not only of the bride’s bouquet or the decoration of the church. They can also be the absolute protagonists of the banquet, the details of the wedding and why not, even the wedding invitations. We present the best-known flowers and those that will triumph. Let’s start!

1. The romantic roses

They can be used for all kinds of floral arrangements and adapt perfectly to any idea you may have. The rose is a robust flower, so it is also perfect for occasions when the bouquet or floral decoration will be without water for a long time, as well as for the hot months. It is usually used at weddings because of its special meaning since it is the flower of love par excellence. There are few options to get fresh flowers for wedding like ordering online or rushing to the nearest flower shop but Toronto Flower Delivery could be a helpful option during this busy event and it can deliver fresh flower on your doorstep on time.

And among all the varieties, the old ones, the Austin -which has a heart with many petals- and the mini-Eden, of romantic aspect, are the ones that will triumph. When choosing them, take into account their color, because each one represents something different. If you like classic options, white, red and pink are ideal.

2. The beauty of the coves

Large and elegant, these flowers are perfect for decorating classic weddings. They look perfect in both centerpieces and large bouquets. And its long stem makes them especially elegant in bridal bouquets with coves. They have always represented beauty and are associated with extreme sensuality, purity, and virtue.

3. The joyful gerberas

They are often referred to as the “older sisters” of daisies. Super romantic, they have gained popularity in vintage and rustic weddings. They are cheerful flowers, ideal to add a touch of color to the decoration of the banquet or the place of the ceremony.

4. The versatile paniculata

It is an excellent ally in the floral decoration of weddings. Available at any time of the year, it represents the discretion made a flower. Its delicate white flowers are perfect in simple and young bridal bouquets, when giving freshness to a vintage bridal bouquet with an olive base, for example, to adorn the seats of the ceremony, to decorate the tables of the banquet and of giving a wild touch to a wild bridal bouquet. It also stands out for its versatility, as it is perfect as an accompaniment to larger flowers or to have a leading role for itself.

5. The sophistication of orchids

The sophistication made a flower. The orchids are not only elegant but also original and different, which will make the difference in the place where you decide to place them and how to combine them. For example, you can mix white with pink and cream to add a touch of color to any corner of the link. They are also ideal for creating small details, such as the boutonnières of the groom and the witnesses, or the corsages of the bridesmaids. Advise in your florist to discover the possibilities of this magical flower, whose meaning is related to love.

6. The simplicity of the peonies

Similar to roses but with a somewhat more open flower, they are usually used in vintage weddings. They are delicate, although they stay cool for many hours. A flower that marks a trend in the wedding scene for many years.

7. The beauty of hydrangeas

These flowers full of life are going to be a trending topic. Vintage weddings, English-style gardens, and outdoor links are ideal for the hydrangea to decorate to the last corner. Its variety of tones, ranging from pure white to blue, through soft pink, strong pink, fuchsia, green or purple, allow a thousand and one combinations. If they are used whole, their large volume provides a very eye-catching effect. Although if they are separated into small bouquets they are equally striking.

8. The colorful tulips

A delicate flower that brings a touch certainly baroque and that is a symbol of sincere love. Tulips allow to play with both the flower with stem and with the bulb itself, so they are ideal as gifts for wedding guests. The trick to stand out is, without a doubt, to combine them in different tones.

Surely some of these ideas will fall in love with you. If you already have clear the floral decoration of your wedding, think that they should have a style similar to the wedding dress, the chosen hairstyle or the wonderful bridal shoes that will take you to the altar.