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What to Look For in a New Family Home

Whether it’s your very first family home or you have decided to move into a bigger space to contain your expanding family, searching for your new family home is a very exciting experience. It’s important to factor in your needs while looking for a new home – does it need to be child-friendly? Is there room for a dog? Is there room for you to carry out your work? Let’s face it, almost everyone does some sort of work from home these days. So make a list, know what to look for, and find your perfect new place of residence.


It’s an old adage when looking for a home, but location really makes a huge difference to your lifestyle. For some people, it’s worth sacrificing space for a more convenient or happening suburb to live in, while for other families it can be worth moving away from the central hub in order to have more room, or a yard, and find some solace in quieter, more family-friendly neighbourhoods. If you have children, the location also makes a huge difference when it comes to schooling.

Finding the catchment area for a specific school, or moving closer to your child’s school so they don’t have a long journey can be deciding factors in where you want to live.

Get the Look

Once you find a great location, your next thought will probably move to design. Is the home “you”? Or can you build your dream home on a piece of land you have found? Most people on the hunt for a new home are thinking long term and looking for longevity. Moving can be extremely tiring and expensive so you want to make sure that the new home you find will meet your needs and make you happy for years to come. An experienced project home builder in Sydney can make it all worthwhile and give you a home you enjoy coming back to every day. A flexible layout is usually the best option – a space that you can manipulate as your needs change over time.

Practicality Is Key

Make sure the location is practical for your needs, and think about the space you’ll need. If you have three young children and a dog then squeezing into a three bedroom place without a yard might be fine for now, but you are going to want to upgrade in a few short years time. So think long-term, find the family home for you that will last you a few years, rather than just satisfying your immediate needs. Also, think about the practicality of your weekend leisure time. Being close to the beach can be fantastic, but if that means you are going to cram yourself into a small apartment for the sake of one day a week in the water, then maybe it isn’t the most practical option.

Get to Know the Area

If you’re looking at moving into a completely new suburb, then be sure to explore the surrounding streets, cafes, shops, grocery stores and parks before buying the house.

You might have found a great house, but if there is nothing at all in walking distance, it might get a little tedious jumping in your car to get anywhere. You also want to ensure that you will fit in. See what the suburb is like and what your potential neighbours are like. Finding the perfect little cafe opposite a great park might just seal the deal.

Ultimately every family’s needs are going to be different so don’t rush into a decision. Research, explore and find a home that will give you and your family years of beautiful memories.

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