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The Many Ways CBD Can Help You

The cannabis plant is believed to have been used for medical reasons for a few thousand years but it is only until the past decade or so that the CBD industry has really blown up.

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is one of many chemical compounds known as cannabinoids existing in the marijuana/cannabis plant. Unlike THC, another chemical compound in the marijuana plant, CBD has no psychoactive properties.

This has made it a very alluring option for people looking for the medicinal benefits provided by CBD without the mind-altering effects of THC or several pharmaceutical drugs.

Below is a list of the benefits you can expect from using CBD-infused products. Visit Wisdom Essentials to buy the right CBD products to use. Visit here to buy winterized cbd crude oil.

Acts as a Good Pain Reliever

The human body has a specialized system known as the endocannabinoid system which is used in regulating various functions such as pain, sleep, and appetite. The body produces neurotransmitters known as endocannabinoids that are tied to cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system.

Scientific research has shown that cannabidiol helps reduce pain or inflammation by interacting with the endocannabinoids and impacting their receptor activity.

CBD for Sleep Disorders

If you have ever found yourself up during late hours watching random videos on YouTube because you can’t sleep, you should try CBD as a sleep aid.

People with insomnia tend to have high cortisol levels during the night. High cortisol levels are associated with staying awake during the night. A study found that cortisol levels decreased when participants of the study took CBD oil. The results implied that CBD for sleep possibly acts as a sedative by affecting the body’s release of cortisol.

Can Help Treat Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are mental health disorders that can have a damaging impact on a person’s health and general well-being.

These two disorders are often treated with pharmaceutical medicines but these drugs cause insomnia, headaches, and drowsiness. Some anti-depression drugs such as benzodiazepines can be highly addictive, leading to substance abuse.

A study conducted by the University of Colorado on 72 psychiatric patients treated with CBD found that their anxiety management capabilities improved dramatically.

Another study was conducted in Brazil where 57 men received either a placebo or oral CBD. The men were then put through a simulated public speaking test found and the results showed that those administered CBD were the least anxious during the public speaking test.

The Bottom Line

The product is gaining a lot of traction in the health and wellness field with CBD products such as oils, tinctures, and creams flooding the market. CBD extract is even being introduced into burgers, breath sprays, and even toothpicks. It is estimated that the industry is going to be worth a whopping $16 billion in the U.S. come 2025.

There is a need for more research into the potential benefits of CBD but the data present today suggests that it is a natural option for treating anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia.

As a precautionary measure, consult your doctor before first trying out any CBD products to make sure that it doesn’t clash with any medication you might be on.

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