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Importance of Getting a Sustainability report From Your Paper Supplier

A Sustainability Report is a review of the environmental impacts, human rights, and safety policies of a company. Sustainability Reports provide transparency to these key areas that are often overlooked in other reports. With the Asia Pulp and Paper sustainability report, for example, investors can see if the company’s environmental policies are improving. Here are the key reasons why you should ask for a sustainability report from your paper supplier:

Protect Investors

Sustainability reports show that environmental policies are improving. They also prove that companies are taking sustainability seriously, which is more important than the fact that their recycling programs still need work. By looking at a company’s sustainability report, investors can see if the supply chain of their paper is sustainable or not. This information can help them make better investment decisions, as they may choose to invest more in corporations that have gone through a sustainable supply chain audit. The idea is to act responsibly in order to influence the behavior of other companies so that the entire industry follows suit and develops more sustainable practices.

Satisfy Customers

When a company has a supply chain that is transparent and socially responsible, it creates value for both its customers and itself. Companies that have socially and environmentally friendly supply chains may charge more for their goods, but these products tend to sell better than goods produced by companies that aren’t as sustainable. Millions of consumers want to purchase paper products from companies with a good sustainability record, so they buy more goods, which means companies make more profits.

Benefit the Environment

Paper consumers want to feel good about where their paper comes from. Instead of paper made from trees that were harvested for free, consumers want to know where their paper was made and what processes were used to make it. The truth is that there are a lot of processes that go into making a sheet of newsprint, including harvesting the trees, sorting the pulp and chemicals, making the cardboard box out of it, shipping it, and then selling it to the consumer. These steps take place in different areas of the world. So by finding out what process was used for the paper, you are purchasing, you are helping to ensure that an environmentally-friendly company produced your paper.

Avoid Paper Fraud

As consumers, we want to know where our money goes after we buy a product. Some companies use more than one name to sell products because they create counterfeit goods. So if you’re concerned about buying fake paper, ask your supplier for its sustainability report. You can use it to see if a company is listed on a stock exchange and whether its business practices are fraudulent.

If you want to see where your paper is coming from, and you want to see if the business practices used in the chain are sustainable, then you should ask for a sustainability report. Sustainability reports provide transparency so that you can be assured that what you’re purchasing is not false and it’s sourced in an environmentally-friendly way.