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Traveling With A Pet First Time Ever? 6 Smart Tips To Have A Happy Journey

The idea of traveling with your pet might seem enticing, but have you reflected on all the hassle associated with it? 

When traveling with a pet, most pet owners limit their concern to booking a pet-friendly hotel while leaving other things unnoticed and making way for troubles down your journey. 

But with research and thorough planning, you can make your vacation with your pet an enthralling and positive experience. 

Here are a few things to know when traveling with your pet. 

  • Taking them in a confined space is a better idea 

You might want to make your little friend sit on the backseat of your car, but provide them a confined space. Even if it is a long trip, this remains a great idea. 

Pets need a space of their own. They treat their space as an area of security, and hence, feel comfortable throughout the journey. 

Consider using a durable crate for the purpose. Also, ensure that you don’t stuff the crate with toys. There should be enough space for your pet to move comfortably.

  • Skipping a meal on the travel days will keep them comfortable 

You might go extra lengths to make this trip as comfortable as possible for your pet, but getting a little anxious is okay on their part. Most pets suffer anxiety, which manifests as stress diarrhea. But, of course, you would not want your pet to suffer from any such thing during a long trip. Hence, do not be very generous when feeding them on your travel days. Give them less than their regular meals, or skip the last meal before setting up for your destination. 

  • Keeping your pet hydrated is essential 

If you don’t provide them with enough water, they will get dehydrated when traveling. Hence, make sure you pack extra water bottles for your pet. 

You can keep them hydrated in many ways- frequently stop your vehicle and give them water, attach a bowl to the crate so that they can have it whenever they want, or instead of dry food, pack wet food. 

  • Being surrounded by their favorite items helps them stay at ease

Most pets feel anxious at a new place. Hence, when traveling with a pet, the biggest responsibility comes from creating a homely environment for them. Do it by packing their favorite items.

Your pet will feel better at a strange place surrounded by the toys they love. Plus, pack their blanket, bed, and bowl too. It will help them with anxiety. 

  • Carry the correct paperwork while traveling far-off 

If you are traveling interstate or to a foreign country with your pet, having correct paperwork is necessary. For example, you will need their health certificate, vaccination certificate needed by the state or country in question, etc. 

See your vet before traveling to get an account of your pet’s health. 

  • Pet transport services  is an option worth considering 

Sometimes pet transport services prove to be a better option, especially if it’s a long journey. Professional pet transport services take care of everything associated with pet travel. They make sure that your pet stays comfortable throughout the journey. 

From selecting the right travel kennel to taking care of the documentation to checking the veterinary requirements, a reputed pet transport company will help you at every step. 

The bottom line

Planning a vacation with a pet can appear troublesome, but not if you keep their comfort and problems in mind. Understanding what they like and what they might not like, what makes them anxious, and what keeps them happy is essential to enjoying a fun-filled holiday with your furry loved one. 

We hope this information will help you in planning a vacation while keeping the company of your pet.