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Top Essential Amenities Every Vacation Rental Should Have

Travelling has become one of the basic needs of humans a long time ago. In this century, travelers are expecting a great place to stay and this is why they filter their searches on vacation rental sites. Therefore, it is crucial for every vacation property to provide as many types of amenities as possible. 

Having a classic kitchen and pool is more complicated as compared to other amenities, but if you want to stand your Sandpoint Vacation Rentals from the rest then you have to concentrate on the travelers demand to make a quick win. Analyze what you are currently offering and what you can offer in future to reach your target audience. If you want to compare vacation rental options based on their types and prices, you should check out

Here is a list of some must-have amenities that you should keep at your vocational house which can help you get the extra mark over the rest of the competitors in the market. 

Fast Internet Connection 

In this modern era, fast WiFi is one of the basic necessities in any modem vacation rental. Your visitors will expect WiFi as a standard feature of the rental experience unless your property is explicitly off-grid and marketed to a “technology escape” crowd. Moreover, not having an internet connection may also discourage guests from making a reservation.  In fact, if guests don’t know ahead of time that you don’t have a fast wireless internet connection, it may discourage them from making a reservation or result in a negative review.

Kitchen Amenities

It’s crucial to maintain a well-stocked kitchen in a holiday rental. A decent base should include plenty of cutlery, plates, glasses, and mugs. Wine glasses and bottle openers would be a nice addition after that.

Basic seasonings like salt and pepper should always be available, but to really impress your guests, add a variety of spices, cooking oils, and a sizable supply of coffee, tea, and sugar.

Air Conditioning or electric fan

It will be much more comfortable for visitors to be able to cool down the area where they lie down to rest when they arrive during the hot season. If your home doesn’t have air conditioning, you should have at least one fan installed in each bedroom to create a nice breeze at night. 

A place to park

Many visitors will drive to your holiday home. They’ll need a parking spot for their cars, of course. If at all possible, provide them with this choice, either by guiding them to parking spaces nearby or on their own land.

High-quality linens and plush pillows

Although we understand that you don’t want to spend a fortune on linens, giving your visitors the best possible experience will mean investing in long-lasting, machine-washable bedding. Layer the bed with cozy blankets and plush pillows to provide a memorable sleeping experience for your visitors.

Items for grooming and beauty

Along with the necessities for personal hygiene, you can also supply the bathroom with a few extras for the vanity. For instance, you may provide samples of face masks, disposable razors, shaving cream, makeup remover wipes and shower caps. Such modest upgrades will elevate your visitors’ vacation experience and make them feel as if they had booked a spa weekend.

Complimentary breakfast 

Prepare your fridge for your guests’ arrival by stocking it with a few items. This can include free beverages, cookies, and breakfast items. You might also get in touch with your visitors and find out in advance if they require any specific supplies to go the additional mile. This can be very useful for visitors who have special dietary needs and make them feel at home.

You should also avoid basic mistakes while renting a vacation home to give your guest a homely feel. Always remember that you may give your visitors the necessities while still getting positive feedback. Going above and beyond is necessary if you want to truly impress them. 

Making a tour of your property while imagining yourself as a visitor and asking yourself “what do I need here?” and, more significantly, “what would be fantastic to offer to make my guests feel like royalty?” is a great way to choose the greatest facilities for vacation rentals.