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What Should a Player Do Immediately After the Release of the Dragonfly Update in World of Warcraft

When the Dragonfly update is installed on the official World of Warcraft servers and players will be able to start pumping new characters and level up their heroes.

New class

First of all – try out a new class – Drakaris.

A mixture of human and dragon with the ability to change shape. The class evolves into a mass healer and an attacking fire class.

The character appears on the new dragon islands among the rocks in a special location only for the Drakaris race. There the player will spend the first 10 levels, master the class and understand whether he wants to further develop the character and go to the open world, or return to his usual characters.

New lands

With the release of Dragonfly, researchers will discover the Dragon Isles, a previously hidden location that will now become a tidbit for researchers from all over Azeroth.

To get to the new islands – move to Orgrimmar or Stormwind. From there you can go to the islands. Representatives of the warring factions will sail together to the island, so that from there they will already set off on their own roads.

There are 4 islands in total, each player has their own story mission that needs to be completed in order to move on. But this mechanic only works for the first character that got into the Dragonfly update. The rest will be able to independently choose places and methods of pumping without reference to the storyline.

All four zones are important for leveling up to level 70:

  1. Shores of awakening – wild lands where you can meet half-giants and red dragons. Accompany Wrathion – historian and researcher.
  2. Plains of On’ara – the home of the wild wind god On’aru and the abode of centaurs and green dragons.
  3. Azure expanse – huge icy territories, which are inhabited by a huge number of animals and monsters, blue dragons live here.
  4. Taldrazus – a rocky island, in the mountains of which Valdraken is hidden – the capital of the dragon islands and the main city. The center of the islands is divided into quarters, each made in the style of a particular dragon. Auctions and gardens can be found in the districts, as well as craft tables.

New levels

In the Shadowlands update, the maximum level was considered to be 60, but with the release of the new Dragonfly add-on, the limit will increase to level 70 of character development.

To be ready for the update, you need to have time to level 60 before the release of Dragonfly, so that you will be one of the first to go to new lands and conquer the added content.

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Now, players will have access to new flights – on dragons. Animals must first be tamed, but this is not the most difficult thing – the dragon must also be trained and taught to perform commands and tricks, and the character must learn along with his pet.

Each level of the dragon and the character as a rider will bring special skill points that can be invested and increase the level and abilities of the dragon.

In the future, the player will be able to perform aerobatics while riding a dragon and will be able to stay in the saddle much more confidently, which is very useful on the dragon islands, where there are many creatures that will gladly knock out inexperienced riders from the saddle.

At high levels, it will be possible to customize the dragon and give it a special style.

New talent system

The talent system will undergo major changes and will make life easier for players, especially beginners. Players will not be penalized as much for choosing the wrong skills and talents, and will be able to reset and change their skills at any time without any damage to the character.

Talent Selection

Now the player chooses a talent at each level, and not once every several levels. Such a system, according to the developers, will help players better understand the capabilities of the character and are not afraid to pump the wrong ability.

Talents can be memorized and redistributed. In different game situations, the player may need different talents, so special profiles will be added to the game. Having filled in which the player will very quickly redistribute talents in the desired sequence and change them as needed without losing experience or points.