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Is shiplap in a bathroom a good idea? Features of shiplap in a bathroom

Shiplap is a popular wood siding in residential homes. It is often used in the exterior walls of houses but is also becoming more common in the interior because of its clean aesthetic and the subtle texture it brings to the walls. Originally, shiplap wood panelling was first used by the Vikings to waterproof their ships. It is a type of wood that has groove cuts located at the top and bottom that allows them to overlap each other so that when they are attached together, they are sealed tightly.

Because shiplap wood panelling is becoming more popular in the interior spaces of homes, many homeowners wondered if a shiplap for the bathroom is possible. Can you put a shiplap in a bathroom? Yes! You can definitely use the shiplap panelling for the bathroom. In fact, it is the most practical and conventional wood panelling to use in the bathroom because all of its edges are attached securely. As long as you apply a seal to protect the wood from moisture, a shiplap wood panelling in the bathroom would be just fine. Here are several shiplap bathroom ideas to get you inspired.

Best bathroom ideas with shiplap

Shiplap wood siding can be styled in a variety of ways depending on the aesthetics that you want to pull off. With the help of modern construction technology, installing wood sidings like shiplap has never been this easy. More and more carpenters and handymen are being innovative and creative with the siding design and the same goes for shiplap. Here are a few of the best bathroom ideas with shiplap.

Shiplap design ideaDefinition
Horizontal shiplap bathroomHorizontal shiplaps are best to use in compact bathrooms or bathrooms with very narrow spaces. This is because horizontal sidings can make a room appear wider. When choosing a shiplap layout, you have to consider the size and area of your bathroom, the ceiling height, and the overall interior style of the space.
Vertical shiplap bathroomAlthough shiplap is commonly installed horizontally, vertically-installed shiplaps are also having a moment in the interior design scene. Shiplaps that are installed vertically are known popularly as beadboard. If your goal is to make the ceiling of your bathroom appear taller, installing vertical shiplaps would be the best option.
Shiplap backsplash bathroomShiplaps can also be more than just siding. In fact, they can also be used as a shiplap behind bathroom vanity. Interior designers often use this technique in creating texture or adding visual contrast in the bathroom. Shiplap behind a bathroom sink evokes the farmhouse vibe. Shiplap behind a bathroom mirror is a unique design style to mix modern with traditional.
Shiplap bathroom accent wallAnother way to use shiplap creatively is by using it as an accent wall. If you are tired of the clinical white-painted bathroom wall, add a bit of texture and install a shiplap half-wall bathroom. Tile and shiplap bathroom are good combinations as well. Make sure to pair them with contrasting colours so that the transition will be visually distinctive.
Bathroom ceiling shiplapShiplaps are not only for walls – in fact, they can also be installed in the ceiling! Shiplap on the ceiling in the bathroom is more popular than you think especially in rustic chic and farmhouse-styled bathroom interiors. A ceiling shiplap in a small bathroom is best when painted with a neutral colour while a shiplap with natural wood grain colour is ideal for larger ones.


Bathroom styles with a shiplap

What bathroom interior styles should shiplap wood panelling be applied? Although shiplaps are considered great wood siding for both interior and exterior spaces, you can’t just install them without taking into account aesthetics and the overall look of your home. Here are 3 of the most common interior design styles where shiplaps can be applied.

  • Farmhouse shiplap bathroom

Wooden elements whether it is in the form of decoration, accessory, or wall siding is the essence of the farmhouse interior style. Shiplap siding creates a warm and inviting ambiance which evokes a farmhouse vibe. You can paint your shiplap in a different shade to make it more modern. You can go for olive green, sage, light blue, beige, or milky white.

  • Modern shiplap bathroom

Modern shiplaps in the bathroom are usually painted in white. White creates a more streamlined appeal which makes it the ideal paint colour to paint over shiplaps in a modern bathroom. You can also keep the natural wood grain of your shiplap and install it as an accent element against a neutral backdrop.

  • Rustic shiplap bathroom

Shiplap rustic wall planks have that distressed wooden aesthetic that makes a bathroom look rustic. They are also installed in a running bond pattern to create some sort of distinction and visual character to a wall. The natural wood color of the shiplap planks is maintained in a rustic bathroom interior.

How to waterproof shiplap for a bathroom?

Shiplaps are made of wood and unfortunately, they are not waterproof. However, there are things that you can do to waterproof shiplap for a bathroom and protect them from moisture. You can opt for a faux shiplap or shiplap that is not made of solid hardwood. Some homeowners, instead of using genuine wooden planks use MDF shiplap in the bathroom, or PVC shiplap in the bathroom, while others use wood shiplap in the bathroom but with a protected seal.

Painting shiplap in a bathroom aside from applying a sealant is also another way to protect it. Add a layer of mould- and mildew-resistant paint to your shiplap boards to guarantee they are shielded from  water. These paints can successfully repel water and were created with bathrooms and other high-moisture areas in mind.

Even if you’re placing shiplap far from your water sources, like on the ceiling, we still advise using some form of wood protectant on all of the shiplap to create a vapour barrier for shiplap in the bathroom. This is due to the humidity and shiplap bathroom moisture that can still seriously damage your wood.