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How To Fix Broken Tiles

Broken tiles can be the reason of germs accumulation. A lot of time people complain about brittle tiles. Fixing your broken tiles is not a hard nut to crack.

There are a variety of tiles available. The most widely used ones are Porcelain tiles, ceramics, self-adhesive stick tiles  and cement tiles. Other than the material the texture of tiles also categorize them into a number of types.

Since ages we men try to renovate our surroundings. We can not deny the importance of healthy, clean and attractive.

In this article I will briefly explain what are the ways to fix broken tiles. You can not deny how much adorable your place would become if you only decide to renovate it with some contrasting shades and textures.

The reasons for quick breakage is the brittle structure. Tiles are made up of layers. Whenever some heavy objects are thrown or put without any specific care then there is a high chance of breakage.

The fortunate aspect of tiles is that they can be fixed again. There are many options for repairing tiles. You can choose any of these options for perfect times once again.

  • Finding some replacement

In case you do not want to have the same tiles and want to do some creative stuff then it is the best option.

You can go to the market or buy some tiles online. Amazon and other online shops are reliable in this respect. You can also choose some of those which you prefer.

While choosing a replacement you must make sure that the new tiles must resemble the color of the broken tiles.

The texture and type of tile can be variant but prefer using some same colors and shades so that it might not get odd.

  • Create a mosaic

You can create a mosaic by the broken pieces of the tiles. In all such process you need to be very creative.

You can also use some other materials other than tiles.

This process can be a bit tricky if you will not use the right type of adhesive.

  • Remove the tiles and create a sequence

If you have got a section of your wall covered with tiles. You can opt for this solution as well.

You must create a specific pattern on the entire portion. You must not rely on a odd and unattractive style. This can be a wired thing for floors but you can apply it on the walls.

  • Create some hairline cracks

If you have got some very slight cracks in your tiles then you can create some more cracks for creating a very unique style.

This can be your version of abstract art. No worries about the irregular shapes and styles. As long as you can see the artistic view within those designs.

  • Glitter adhesives

You can use adhesives mixed with glitter. This will also create some more beautiful and attractive designs.

This can be a bit messy but before you start by putting some newspaper. The color of the glue must be transparent or of white color. Colored glues can be an issue if they will not resemble the shades of the tiles.


All these options can be very effective if you are a meticulous and creative person.

You can create your own ways but the point and goal is to create a very reliable and attractive view.

Neatness will definitely will be a plus point in this respect. You must not try to do this kind of stuff speedily. One thing the workers must have to remember that slow and steady wins the race. Instead of creating any mess do it with great care.

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