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3 Reasons Why You Should Own A Lumbar Support Cushion

3 Reasons Why You Should Own A Lumbar Support Cushion

Back discomfort affects a large number of people daily. Back pain can be caused by many factors. Some are minor, such as a pulled muscle, bad posture, or injury, while others are more serious, such as a ruptured disc. Most minor episodes of back discomfort are caused by sitting at a desk for too long. Driving long distances or flying on an airplane can potentially cause back injuries. People who have professions that require them to be on their feet all day may also feel discomfort in their lower backs due to strain. A back support cushion is one of the most excellent methods to support your back and relieve tension. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a lumbar support cushion.

1. When Your Lower Back Is Supported, You’re More Productive

If you’re going to be working long hours anyhow, it’s only fair that you support your body correctly. It not only helps you prevent pain but also increases your overall productivity. Because of the support provided by these cushions, you are less likely to wriggle and deal with unpleasant work shifts. In addition, you’ll be more focused on your job and less prone to distraction if your body is comfortable and you can sit up straight.

Given that 70% of workers claim they have trouble coping with distractions, it’s only fair that you do everything you can to minimize them. Consider your office chair, as well as any additional support it may provide, and pick a setting that allows you to stay productive. Make sure your workstation is configured to the correct height in addition to having a comfy chair. Adding a humidifier to your home can help you breathe easier while also lowering your stress levels.

2. Makes Travel Easier

Long lengths of time spent on an aircraft might result in a variety of aches and pains. For example, your hips might pain, your shoulders and neck could tighten, and your back could start to suffer. So pack a lumbar support pillow in your carry-on luggage the next time you fly.

Although plane seats aren’t designed with ergonomics in mind, a lumbar support cushion can relieve back pain and make you more comfortable on lengthy trips. Long vehicle journeys, whether you’re driving or riding, might benefit from these cushions. They can help you avoid slouching in your seat and keep your hips in a more upright position when driving.

3. You’ll Save Money On Medical Bills

People all over the world suffer from chronic pain, which results in high medical costs. In reality, patients with chronic pain pay more than $600 billion in medical and specialist expenses each year. When your back hurts all the time, you’ll find yourself using pain relievers frequently. If your pain worsens, you’ll need more powerful prescription drugs, which are more expensive and potentially addicting. That does not include the money you’ll spend on a chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist, or other medical practitioners.


In the short term, lumbar support devices can aid with back discomfort. However, it’s also critical to engage in back-strengthening activities and practice excellent posture. Furthermore, if you’re having persistent discomfort that won’t go away, you should see a doctor rule out any other underlying problems.

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