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4 Excellent Editing Software One Can Consider to Use

When it comes to keeping records, technology has reduced or almost eliminated the need for paper documents. Now businesses, schools, and colleges, and almost all other fields process their tasks right from maintaining the clients’ information to creating business documents to making school/college assignments with digital technology. This digital age has given rise to editing software to make the required changes in the documents. Earlier, when we mentioned the editing or creating documents, Microsoft office software had its great importance. But, nowadays, the scenario has changed. Microsoft Office is still a key player in this digital industry, but there are many other paid, and free software are available that you can consider.

PowerPoint presentation, Pdf files, Excel sheets, and many other Word files have a great role in everyone’s work as well as personal life. Every day we need to deal with documents for important projects or for many other purposes. But sometimes, we come across circumstances where we need to do some extra editing with the documents to make them perfect. This is where some other effective third party tools come forward to make the necessary changes to the documents.

Following is the list of best PDF editors you can consider to make your documents perfect and errorless.


Today with SodaPDF, editing is not hard. Sometimes, we don’t know how to add pages to pdf, add images, or edit PDF files for any other purpose. This is where Soda PDF comes forward to help in this digital age.

For instance, adding pages to your PDFs might seem daunting, but like many other tasks, if you are using the right tool, you can do this with a few clicks. Soda PDF has a lot more features from adding or cutting pages, inserting images, highlighting text, to e-signing.


PDFelement is a perfect Adobe Acrobat’s alternative, which lets the users make the necessary changes to PDF files. With the help of PDFelement, you will get total control over your PDF documents as this software offers advanced editing options in which you can do rotating, mirroring, and cropping using some graphic-based features. Moreover, these software providers table recognition along with superior OCR experience.


Evernote is another great platform for managing, creating, or editing notes. This software lets the users organize their work as you can collect your complete data and keep it in one place by using Evernote. Moreover, you can customize your notes with links, checklists, attachments, tables, and audio recordings. In order to know more about what Evernote offers to visit it and sign up for to get its free
premium trial version

Moreover, Evernote is considered to be one of the best note-taking tools, and it can be integrated with many other apps like Google Docs, Salesforce, Slack, Outlook, and more.

Apache OpenOffice

Like your Microsoft Office, Apache OpenOffice lets you edit excel sheets, presentations, documents, and forms. This software has a good history of this experience as it got thousands of satisfied users. One can use it for different purposes such as government, private, educational, public administration, commercial, and much more.