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Types of Plumbing Pipes

Piping is one of the components of pipes with fittings and joints. What are the different types of plumbing pipes normally used by plumbers? For which pipes are they used?

Piping is the essential component of piping, with fittings and seals. It is used to supply water and evacuate wastewater from your plumbing equipment. Copper has long been the reference material for pipes. Today, some new materials such as synthetic materials offer new benefits.

If the materials differ from each other, it is always necessary to install piping in the state of the art so that the network does not have problems.

It is possible to choose from multiple materials:

Copper pipes

Copper is the reference material for the distribution of cold or hot water. It is a noble material (no other element in its composition) and resistant. It can also be used for heating.

On the other hand, the copper pipe tends to be replaced by the PVC pipe for the evacuations.

PVC piping

The PVC pipe is mainly used in the evacuation of wastewater where it replaced the lead which is now prohibited (because it is toxic).

This type of pipe is practical because it is light and easy to implement.

Pipe in PER

PER pipe (crosslinked polyethylene) is a semi-rigid material that tends to replace copper. It is used for sanitary plumbing (which includes arrivals and evacuations of water into a dwelling, as well as the production of hot water) and heating installations. This material is available in several different colors, which helps identify its function.

Unlike the PVC pipe, which is used mainly for the evacuation of wastewater, the PER pipe is used to supply sanitary equipment in cold water or hot water, the tube having a different color for cold water or hot water.

Seamless plumbing

Seamless plumbing essentially includes PVC as well as synthetic materials used for water supply and drainage.

Unlike copper, which is a material that bonds, PVC pipes stick with each other. Conventional PVC is mainly used for evacuation, but there is a special type of PVC, called chlorinated PVC, which can be used for cold water or hot water supplies.

Super chlorinate PVC has the advantage of being resistant to heat, pressure, and chemicals.

Multilayer tube

The multilayer pipe is a tube made of several layers, some metallic and some synthetic, thanks to which it combines the advantages of copper pipes and synthetic pipes.

It can be used in seamless plumbing, especially with screw fittings, but also with other types of fittings.

The multilayer tube contains 3 layers:

Inside, a layer of specific PER that reduces scaling and protect against corrosion.

In the middle, an aluminum layer that makes the tube rigid and oxygen-tight. The strength of the aluminum makes the tube keep its shape.

On the outside, a layer of specific PER that protects from UV rays.

A flexible pipe

The flexible hose is used for both water supply and sewage disposal. Like any synthetic pipe, it does not require welding. It is a bit more expensive than copper pipe or PVC, but this type of pipe is used more occasionally for difficult cases.

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