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Win with Real Estate

If you are interested in starting a profitable and growing business, real estate is a good option. We tell you the 4 ways to undertake with these.

If you are interested in starting a business that ensures an excellent return, your option is real estate, as it represents a segment with products in constant demand and growth.
Properties have always been one of the best ways to earn an income. This is because the investment is generally safe and the assets are hardly depreciated, on the contrary, they almost always increase their value.

Investment in real estate is profitable, you can earn money from the medium to long term, and you have tax advantages, such as the deduction of taxes for depreciation, and not having to pay taxes if the profit obtained from the sale of a property is used to buy a new real estate.
To start in this business you should know that there are four different ways to do it. Review what is your best option to start your business.

1-Real estate broker:

This way you dedicate yourself to negotiate the purchase, sale, and rent of land, houses, buildings or departments. Your function is to find clients to sell or rent the properties of someone who does not want or does not have the skills to negotiate, earning a commission for this work, which is proportional to the value of the property.

In all countries, there are associations of brokers that provide training and networking to exchange contacts for your success. This has the advantage that you can work independently, you do not need capital and you can generate excellent profits without relying on an agent’s office like Reza Afshar.


To work in this way you need good capital to be able to buy and sell properties. Generally, in this way you can take advantage of discounts on prices and offers of those who sell their homes or land and then buy and resell them for a higher price, so you get an almost immediate profit.
This modality often includes remodeling and improving the houses or apartments, in order to increase the sale price much more.


This work is similar to that of the investor, and refers to the people or companies that have the capacity to acquire large plots of land and then dismember them in smaller ones and sell them to clients of a more popular level.

The success of this modality lies in acquiring the lands at very low prices, urbanizing them and reselling them, obtaining great profits.


Even though this type of business is more focused on construction, it is related to the real estate market since its main clients are investors that need their services for the construction of houses, offices or condominiums for sale or rent. The profits are derived from the construction of housing units at a low cost.