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Process of car accident settlements

If you have been involved in a car accident, it is crucial to start the car accident settlement process as soon as possible. It is better to settle your car accident claims without going to court. The involved parties should agree on how to settle the losses independently without involving the court judge. The insurance companies should handle car accident claims. 

The following steps are involved in the car accident settlements process;

1. Report the accident

After the accident, ensure you report it to the nearest police. This is to help you have evidence that the accident occurred.

2. Gather enough evidence.

In the occurrence of the accident, take pictures to prove about the accident. You must show evidence of the accident by showing pictures of your damaged car, your injured body parts, and your medical costs.

3. File an official claim

After a car accident, you should file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Also, consider filing a claim with your own insurance company to help you cover your medical bills and other losses.

4. Hire a lawyer.

After the accident, look for a lawyer to help you start the process of vehicle collision settlements. A personal injury attorney will help you to make the right choice of your settlement. The attorney will help you in your settlement negotiations to ensure you are compensated a reasonable amount based on the losses you have incurred caused by accident.

5. Conduction of investigations

After you file claims, the insurance company may investigate if your claims are true. This will involve seeking to see police reports concerning the accident; they may want to see photos of the accident and other related evidence. The insurance company will also review your medical reports after the accident. It would be better if you are keen not to present your previous medical reports as they may ruin your case.

Do not depend on the insurance company’s investigations but seek to determine what caused the accident and which driver is at fault. Have your own evidence photos and police report.

6. Getting a settlement offer.

Once the insurance company has investigated the accident and agreed to compensate you, they will give you a settlement offer. If you consider the offer to be less than what you want, you have a right to deny it. You can ask the insurance company to increase the amount based on the accident damages and expenses.

7. Negotiation and finalizing the settlement.

It can be a hard task to negotiate with the insurance company concerning your compensation. It is advisable to have a personal injury lawyer who can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. Insurance companies are always after saving their money, and that why they offer low settlement amounts.

If you agree to the insurance company’s amount, you will be required to sign a settlement agreement. After signing the agreement, you cannot take your auto accident settlements case to court. You would be asked to terminate the case if you had already filled it in the court of law.

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