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8 Ideas for Designing a Statement Ceiling

If you’re yearning to create a sense of drama in some of the rooms in your home, you may find inspiration by casting your gaze skyward. Although plain white ceilings are the norm, yours needn’t be rank-and-file. Here are eight design elements to consider when you’re dreaming up statement ceiling ideas for your home.

1. Wallpaper

There’s no rule that says that the paper you’ve chosen for a room needs to stop where the walls do. Everything from geometric shapes to bold florals to polka dots can be extended overhead. An experienced designer can even help you choose an entirely different pattern that will complement your walls without competing with them.

2. Fabric

If you’ve chosen fabrics for your seating or bedding that create a sense of softness and comfort, why not layer in extra coziness by adding textiles to your ceilings? Fabrics from burlap to felt can be attached flush against the ceiling, but to create real drama consider luxuriously draping silk or cotton across the expanse of your room.

3. Metallic Leafing

Gold, silver, or copper leafing can add a vintage look to any room; metallic have a way of creating the right balance between refinement and drama. Leafing can be an especially beautiful choice in small areas such as powder rooms, where the luster of the finish can enhance rather than overwhelm the space.

4. Murals

Adding fanciful scenery to nursery walls has become a mainstay of interior design for children’s bedrooms, and there’s no reason the charming look can’t be carried over to the ceiling. Everything from draping tree branches to a seemingly endless night sky can be painted overhead, encouraging sweet dreams as your little ones nod off each night.

5. Inspirational Phrases

What better way to motivate yourself each day than to wake up to a thought that truly inspires you? A hand-lettered phrase on your bedroom ceiling can add beauty to the room while uplifting you and getting you off to a great start every morning.

6. Faux Architecture

Just because your room doesn’t feature the natural charm of a barrel or beamed ceiling doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the look. Faux painting techniques can realistically recreate the appearance of everything from vaulted bricks to time-worn marble, adding exciting architectural elements where none exist.

7. Mirrors

Because of their ability to manipulate light, mirrors can add exceptional drama to any room. Rather than one large piece, think about mounting several mirrors from the ceiling at different angles to maximize refraction and create dramatic visual depth.

8. Glass

Many rooms have skylights, but few feature ceilings made entirely of glass. A sunroom is a natural choice for such a bold overhead statement, but ceilings open to the sky can work in almost any room that would benefit from receiving more natural light.

Although they’re not always considered in room design, the ceilings in your home have the potential to steal the show. When you’re ready to make a statement overhead, work with a Brentwood interior design firm or a trusted establishment in your area to bring your ideas to life.

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