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Effective Ways How Commercial Laundry Business Attract More Customers

The infamous novel coronavirus ravages businesses– and millions of dollars are lost due to the closing of some companies. Entrepreneurs are forced to declare close up or cut some employees due to the lockdown’s strict implementation. One huge example of it is the commercial laundry business. Due to the lockdown, former regular customers won’t go to their favorite commercial shop anymore, resulting in decreased sales.

A solid customer base is what makes a laundry business kicking. In a laundry business, customers provide the revenue needed for your business to grow and expand. But luring new customers is a pretty tough thing to do even though it is the top priority. So if you are a laundry business owner or about to open a laundry business, do not worry too much. Why? Because in this article, I will give you effective ways to attract more customers to your commercial laundry business. I do genuinely hope that at the end of your read your business name. So here is the list:

Maintain Sanitary Standards

Sanitary standards are accentuated, especially during the pandemic. Because obviously, people are taking extra precautions. So it is essential to sanitize and clean your laundry shop. Also, a customer will always notice if your laundry shop is regularly maintained and cleaned. A clean and well-maintained laundry shop must be an integral part of your goals when putting up a laundry shop business. As a result, it encourages a positive workplace atmosphere for your employees and generates good feedbacks from your dear customers.

Here are some sanitary standards you can implement in your laundry shop:

  • No face mask, no entry.
  • Always fill up the Contact Tracing Form.
  • Sanitize upon entering and leaving the premises of the laundry shop.
  • Employees must have a proper haircut.
  • Employees must be neat and tidy.
  • Observe proper social distancing.

Other sanitary standards can be met via a training program along with your employees. Make sure they’ll get the full grasp of the subject matter, and they must apply it every hour of their shift.

Offer Unique Commercial Laundry Services

To have the edge over direct competitors, you must beat them in both quantity and quality of quality of commercial laundry service. Because here’s the reality of the situation: All laundry businesses are not in good shape because yes, you can consider laundry as one of the essential needs, but it is not as important as food.

So during the lockdown, obviously the main reason why some people go out is only to buy food. So the current situation is all laundry shops in your area are dying to have a customer and beating your direct competitors in the quality and quantity of commercial laundry business.

Services like laundry pickup and delivery, laundry wash and iron, and home service laundry are the most trending laundry services. That is because customers find it convenient. Suppose you plan to include that in your laundry list. Make sure to be precise with your pricing. Do some research about it, and upon implementing, make sure to inform your dear customers that the price for that kind of laundry service is subject to change.

Gimmicks like Freebies, Promos, Raffles, Rewards, and Giveaways Helps

Gimmicks in a laundry business revitalize the hype. It diverts the attention of customers from actually spending money to just goofing around. It seems fun and an excellent way to retain regular customers and to attract potential ones. Here are some laundry gimmicks you can pull off to help you make more money:

  • Membership Cards
  • Free Laundry Raffles
  • Free Alcohol, Detergent, or Fabric Softener for Regular Customers
  • Discount for Regular Customers
  • Laundry Prom King and Queen
  • Daily OOTD Award

Rely More on Digital Marketing

For those who don’t know, digital marketing is simply a marketing strategy that utilizes the internet and any online-based digital technologies such as phone, desktop, social media, or any online platforms to promote products or services. You can’t underestimate its potential because of its incredible reach. Digital marketing is the most powerful modern platform. Furthermore, it is seemingly buffed during the pandemic because the number of people and their time surfing the net increased exponentially.

For your commercial laundry shops, create Facebook and Instagram pages. Make sure to gather many followers so that your reach will increase in no time. From there, you can now make an announcement such as operating hours, promos, and price changes.

Develop a Good Exterior Look

Everybody loves aesthetics. A good exterior evokes calmness to customers, and that calmness will make them come back several times. Especially today that most people are in dire of constantly posting instagrammable sceneries.

Also, first impressions are essential. Trust me. You only have a moment to make a great first impression on a potential customer. That moment starts when the customer walks in the right at your laundry shop. So here’s a quick laundry shop architecture crash course edition:

  • Observe Proper Lighting
  • Aesthetic Furniture
  • The overall theme of the Laundry Shop
  • Trim Plants and Trees
  • Visible Signage
  • Clean Parking Lot Regularly
  • Dust will Alway be your Enemy
  • Glass Door and Windows Must Always be Clean and Bright

Opening any kind of business during these times is extremely difficult. But that does not mean current and upcoming entrepreneurs have to halt their business aspirations. Even before COVID-19, starting up any business is already risky, especially if you do not have extra resources. A wise business person must treat the pandemic as a mere factor needed to be taught into every business decision.

Now that you learned the effective ways on how to attract more customers in a commercial laundry business. You can now start your commercial laundry, and I am pretty sure that you are 100 percent ready to take your new laundry business venture by storm. So hurry up and be the best new normal entrepreneur.