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Discovering Venice

The crown jewel of the Italian territory, known all over the world for its elegant architecture and unusual geographical position, is the city of Venice. Year after year, many tourists come from every part of the world and decide to visit this amazing city, captured by its endless beauty and the thousands of experience and attractions that its ancient walls host. In fact, Venice offers to its hosts not only hundreds of museums, squares and ancient buildings to explore, but also many initiatives, that will allow them to fully merge in the magic of this timeless city.

There are, in fact, countless walking Venice tours, available to the public, that give them the chance of fully enjoying this wonderful city and discovering all the art and history that it hides. Thanks to these initiatives, various tour guides with great experience in the field, will put their own knowledge at the service of tourists and they will guide them, just in a few hours, through the charming mysteries and beauties of this city’s buildings.

These tours, for a pretty modest price, allows tourists a life-time experience that they will never forget. The tours are also available in many different languages, celebrating the international character of this place, that for centuries has hosted in its walls, people of different nationalities, from all over the world, not only for tourism, but also for its splendid harbour, that in the city’s history it has been the scene of merchants and sailors.

Some of the places that a visitor must see are: Piazza San Marco, with the palace of the same name, that thanks to its elegant architecture, has brought many art lovers to itself; Palazzo Ducale, the ancient home of Venice’s Doges, which was one of the main authority figure in the development of the city during the Renaissance and the symbol of the historical and political greatness that Venice had during history. Other attractions that deserves to be visited are the charming buildings o Basilica dei Frati and The Great School of San Rocco, renowned as ‘the Sistine Chapel of Venice’.

The tourists must also see other important buildings such as The Academy’s Galleries, that has hosted for many years works of numerous artists, who were born or found their second home here in Venice. It is a complex of buildings that combine in its wall the Church of ‘Santa Maria della Carità’, the convent of Lateran canons and the Great School of ‘Santa Maria della Carità’. In this museum, are exposed works by artists such as Bellini and Veronese. Here it is also preserved one of the most famous work of all time: The Vitruvian Man, the treasure of the polyhedral Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci.

But this gallery isn’t of course the only museum to visit during your stay here in Venice! One of the perks of this magical city is the presence of various museums that make its street alive. But the most fascinating museum here is the city itself, actually! At every corner of the historic centre, tourists can easily admire the countless works of arts that makes the city every day more splendid.

Some examples are the ‘Ponte dei Sospiri’, ‘Ponte di Rialto’ and all the bridges that connect the different parts of the city and create the intricate labyrinth of canals, that make this city picturesque, and host lovers and art connoisseurs all over the world. The city offers also some specialised tours, in order to visit Venice’s canals with ‘gondolas’, making a life-time experience and surround yourself in a timeless scene, just like in movies. There is also the chance to wonder through the islands, nearby the city, discovering jewels such as Murano and Burano, which can provide to tourists many adventures in the local crafts ship, like the ancient art of glassblowers.

It is a unique experience to admire the charming beauty of Venice, that every person, all around the world, must accomplish, at least one in a lifetime. Enjoy the countless activities that the city gives you and let yourself be charmed by the magic, the mystery and the beauty of this wonderful city, that relentlessly, fights against the passing time and it rises, in all its glory, on the Italian territory.

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