Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Popular Tourist Destinations open to Tourists in 2021

The year of 2020 will not easily be forgotten for the huge changes it brought to the world. With hygiene paranoia at all-time highs, border closures and the ensuing travel restrictions, and the massive economic downturn as a result of the lockdowns, it’s probably a year most would rather forget. 

We can never go back but we can start to travel again, and some countries are still allowing people to move freely – although with some extra health and safety requirements. You might think the new rules are excessive – and we would agree – but getting away from your mundane life for a week or more, might be just what you need to help you feel grounded again after a tremulous year.  

It’s not as easy to travel as it once was, but you’ll soon forget all about the hassle of getting to your destination, once you’re finally there and enjoying the good life. Here are a few popular tourist destination countries still allowing in tourists in 2021:


Everybody loves Thailand! What’s not to love? Coconuts, beaches, great weather, friendly people, delicious food! Thailand has a lot to offer, and while it’s not the easiest country to get to in terms of the groundwork required to get in, it’s still very high on most travelers list of “where I would rather be in 2021”. The Thai Government is trying to attract long stay tourists – or people who can work remotely as digital nomads – and have even opened up a new long term 9-month visa option to assist with this. 

“At present, visitors to Thailand still need to quarantine on arrival at an eligible hotel,” said Jet from Hand-to-Hand Combat, a Chiang Mai Visa Agency and Combat School. “But Thailand is open to tourists, and with the economy struggling after the lockdowns, most Thai’s are excited to welcome foreigners back. Currently tourists need to quarantine for 14 days, but that is likely to be reduced to 7 days or even less in the very near future according to government reports. 


Once country that never really locked down their borders during the 2020 crisis, is Turkey. People can visit this vibrant and historically rich country without quarantining, all they need to do is provide a negative PCR test result upon arrival. Relax in this wonderful country where the culture is a mix of Asian, Western and Arabic, and the food is as well. Friendly people, incredible architecture and so many things to see and do, will mean you’ll have plenty to keep you busy and distracted from the troubles back home. 

Turkey has been accepting tourists for most of the last year, and since everybody there is still alive and well, it seems like traveling there should be safe option. Prior to 2020 Turkey was a very popular tourist destination, and due to their open borders policy and friendly agreement with countries all around the globe, this looks set to remain through 2021. 


It’s probably too soon to be making jokes about drinking Corona Beers by the beach in Mexico, but we can’t leave this tropical wonderland off this list. Now that Cambodia has stopped issuing tourist visas, Mexico comes third on our list. Flights are still going in and out of Mexico, and with no requirements for testing or quarantine for travelers, Mexico is a great choice for those who just want an easy vacation without any red tape hassles. Enjoy cheap tequila, delicious tacos and other Mexican food, friendly people, hot, hot, hot weather, and did we mention tacos? 

Brush up on your Spanish and get some Vitamin Sea (and Vitamin D at the same time) to boost your immune system and help you relax away from all the dramas of the Western world. The people of Mexico are as happy as always to have visitors to their lovely country, which works great for us because we’re always happy to visit! So, what are you waiting for?

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