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10 Most Popular Plus Size Lingerie Brands

Thanks to Ashley Graham, plus size underwear is now more popular than ever. In fact, it’s so popular that we now have many different brands of plus size lingerie. Also, now that plus sized clothing is more stylish, you can get clothes in that size and still feel sexy.

Here is a list of the top 10 most popular below.

1. Lonely

They are known for their colorful unpadded but wired bras and their waist high panties. Many of their items are partly lacey and have solid colors. Their lingerie is designed to take the focus off of the abdomen area as well as making the breasts look balanced and decorated. That being said, Lonely takes modesty to a whole different level. They are currently very popular on Instagram.

2. Glamorise

Glamorise is known for practical and comfort over style. The majority of their stuff is white, black or a neutral color. A good number of their bras don’t have a lot of cleavage opening. Some, such as the Magic Lift Front, have the clasps in front.

3. Elila

Elila is a little more stylish than Glamourise but has the same type of emphasis on practicality and comfort. Many of their bras also cover the cleavage. The majority of their bras do not have underwires. They have one nursing bra with a cotton cup, which comes in white, black and nude. Their bras are currently available in mostly white, black, cream, purple and blue.

4. Sculptresse

Sculptresse is more on the wild side with colors. For example, their Chi Chi bra has a wild animal print. The Dionne has an incredibly seductive red leaf and red strap pattern. Almost all of their bras are under wired, even the black free-molded sports bra. Most of their panties are briefs that cover up to the waist. Sasha especially is sexily curvy.

5. Elomi

Elomi is known for floral and other wild patterns, such as matte. All of their bras are under wired and a few are bandless. Their current sports bra is a hot one with a military-like leaf pattern, a black border and orange fabric over the wires. They are currently selling in some other hot colors such as hot pink and pecan.

6. Fantasie

Fantasie is known for being practical and feminine. Their navy blue high waist Illusion brief especially is very sexy as it has a reverse curve from the bottom instead of the top of the fabric. It comes with a matching bra that is rather traditional-looking with a couple of little tie-like ribbons in the middle. Their other high waisted briefs look a little more box-like but are still stylish.

7. Goddess

Goddess knows how to combine both style and tradition. They have both solid colors and patterns. Their current bra style is mostly opaque with a solid lapel at the top of the breast area. Their underwire strapless bra is half opaque and half floral mesh. Their Bridget underwire bra is particularly sexy because since it has a nude color for its lapel, it gives the illusion of having a separate but attached black wire.

8. Leading Lady

Leading Lady is known for their virginal white patterns. They do mostly bras and don’t have very many products out at the moment. A few of the current ones are padded. Some have a wider cleavage opening than others.

9. Exquisite

None of Exquisite’s current bras have an underwire. They come in white, nude and black.. A couple of them are old-fashioned white cotton bras. These bras are mostly for posturing alone. Since not as many materials go into making them, they are some of the cheapest in the market at just under $40 each.

10. Panache

Panache is known for mixing traditional with modern. They sell a mix of solid colors with patterns. They have both stylish see-through lace meshes and opaque fabrics. Some come as a mix of both.most of their bras are underwired and cover up the cleavage. All of their panties are stylish low-waisted short briefs. We especially like the Jasmine Brazilian brief because it’s a sexy black floral mesh pattern. We also love the night-like black, white and green pattern on the current sports bra.

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