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Here’s How to Pull Off Unconventional Interior Design Themes

The gilded age, afro future, war room survival tactics, barbie – yes, you can decorate your room exactly how you want it! Really, often it’s only a matter of following the right interior design principles for what you’re trying to do.

So here are 3 such tips for you. 

Conceptualize with Purpose

Figuring out a theme is key because you want to give your design a sense of direction. This means choosing just the one vibe or story that resonates with you, whether it’s inspired by a favorite era, a cultural influence, or something more abstract.

You want to nail down a central concept, digging into your interests and passions to find what it is that you’re going for. In fact, it’s a good idea to check out design magazines, online inspiration, or even actually visit spots that capture the vibe you’re going for; get to know the key elements that’ll guide your design decisions.

Say your theme is “Industrial Elegance.” You want to do things like getting some inspiration flowing by looking at loft apartments converted from industrial spaces – exposed brick walls, sleek finishes, metal fixtures – that’s the aesthetic you really want for your own spot.

Balance Bold Elements

Balance is everything because you really don’t want your space feeling all over the place. This technique is how you can go wild with unconventional choices without it taking over the whole design.

So, you want to choose one or two elements to be the stars of the show. Perhaps a bold accent wall and a funky piece of furniture, or maybe some eye-catching art. Then, balance such bold choices by keeping the rest neutral – think neutral-colored walls or furniture pieces. It’s the chill background that lets the bold stuff really shine.

For example, say you’re into “Bohemian Eclectic.” Make a vintage, patterned sofa the main event. But then put it against neutral walls and simple furniture, and you’ve got a balanced setup.

Personalization and Flexibility

Making your space yours is the very best part of interior designing. You want that personal touch, and flexibility is the name of the game. After all, your tastes are likely to change and this way your design choices still work with anything new. 

You want to infuse your space with things that mean something to you – artwork from your family, souvenirs from awesome solo trips, even handmade trinkets. Then, for your furniture, you want to opt for pieces that can do more than one thing or be shuffled around. Think modular stuff or timeless designs.

Say you’re all about literature. Bring in that imposing bookshelf stacked with your favorites and literary memorabilia but grab some modular furniture so you can switch things up for cozy reading nooks.

There’s no reason why you can’t design your space however you want. Just as long as you keep some design principles in mind.