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How Apps Have Enhanced the Cannabis Experience

Smartphones and apps were designed to enhance various areas of our lives, every topic from managing your finances to managing your pets can be handled with your smartphone. Developers have seen the upward trend regarding how consumers incorporate technology into their daily lives and have now created apps that can assist with the cannabis experience as well. Being able to tackle a wide of topics like growing more efficiently to researching different strains for consumption can now all be done with your smartphone. 

Medical Marijuana Cards

Formally, getting your medical card required an in-person visit with you doctor and a drawn-out process. Thanks largely in part to technology that process has been majorly streamlined. For example, you can get a MMJ card in OK online in fifteen minutes. This fast, easy process proves that the addition of technology can enhance the overall cannabis experience. The recent advancements in telemedicine also lend themselves to an easier method for acquiring your card. As legalization expands across the U.S, states are also incorporating laws that revolve around patients being able to see their doctors online about medical cannabis, much as they would for any other style appointment. 


This is a highly sophisticated app that gives users the assistance in finding dispensaries and other points of sale. One of the best things about this app is it is designed using Google maps and works on an international scale. Weedmaps gives consumers a chance to compare prices and products between establishments as well. The app provides an interactive element too since members of the community have the capacity to share reviews and photos of the purchases. In some locations this app also offers a delivery feature. 


Many apps are designed to be user-friendly to all types of marijuana enthusiasts, but some are clearly skewed more towards one are over another. Leafy is a great example of an app that is heavily based on providing information and giving users an opportunity to expand their education. As opposed to Weedmaps that is geared more towards consumption, Leafy is a great resource for those who are planning on growing. User reviews are also included as a feature of this app, so you will be able to read the facts and then also the experiences of others who have put that information to use. 


This is an app that has a similar feel to any other social media platform. Giving users a chance to share the passion of the industry in the form of pictures, videos, blog posts amongst a community of like-minded people is a huge bonus to the evolution of marijuana culture in general. This app gives users the chance to share freely and openly regarding this specific topic, which is unique considering some of the original social media apps would surely ban posting this type of content. 

Getting creative with cannabis in the kitchen is another facet of being an enthusiast in general that is not yet widely accepted regarding social media. Apps have been developed to help keep your creative juices flowing and offer you recipes that range from savory to sweet using cannabis in many different forms.