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How to RV with Babies on Board

RV ing has always shown to increase family bonds as this activity is perfect for families while it creates lasting memories. Without a doubt, Rving parents like to introduce the world of RVing and explore adventure to their little ones. It is a fact that doing anything with babies involves preparedness and a whole lot of patience and more when you carry along an infant when you go on an RV road trip.

Extra care is vital when securing a child’s comfort and safety while traveling in any vehicle and infants and extra caution while on board in an RV. You can follow all necessary rules you would follow when traveling with a child in an RV seat.

Here is some of our realistic advice on how to RV with babies on board:

  • Ensure that car seat is durable and is made for the place its attached to.
  • Do not put the car seat in the front seat of your motorhome.
  • Never seat the car seat facing the side seat.
  • Ensure that there are no loose objects that could possibly harm your child while seating
  • Make sure that the seat is attached and bolted to the chassis and not in the interior of the RV
  • You may need to configure a different set for your motorhome by investing in it. Refer to your car’s manufacturer’s guidelines and safety cautions for further details.

How to babyproof an RV

How to babyproof an RV
RVs has small space without an onboard nursery, therefore, you need to find a safe place where your baby can rest, sleep and explore when traveling and in an adventure. Parents often necessarily give small children or infant more room and a cabin is large enough to accommodate a child or an infant. The first thing that you need to consider is finding a suitable crib fit for your RV’s interior. There are available portable cribs designed for families on the go. Make sure that the dimensions and measurements for your crib space fit perfectly. Block off areas such as the back room in a toy hauler where your baby can get into.

As of today, many RVs are now baby-proofed perfect for the road. Other features aligned with baby proofing includes items such as a drawer, fold outs security latches soft sides while on the road. Examine thoroughly around the Rv’s cabin to point to any areas that may bring danger, especially if the child is already curious and playful. When necessary, fill in the gaps with the traditional baby proofing.

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected
Careful preparation is encouraged while planning an RV trip with a baby. Make a specific list of the things your baby might need including diapers, extra bottles, formula, sheets and more. It is recommended to know your detail of the exact route which includes nearby hospitals or pediatricians in case something happens along the way.  It is helpful to bring along your pediatrician’s contact information or any pertinent medical information should there be a need for someone to have a quick access to them.

Tip: Travel with familiar routes instead of back roads. Chances are, you will need to over for some reasons when RVing with infants and young children.

RVing with a baby usually, add a great deal of time on a family’s journey. Plan ahead and secure everything. A two-hour trip can take three to four hours or can take your whole day. If you were able to anticipate this, expect that there will also be delays with your planned travels. Patience and flexibility is the recipe for traveling with children no matter how old they are.

Perks of Rving with Babies

  • RV travel is a cheaper option for families looking forward to traveling all year-round.
  • RVing is a great way to create enjoyable and lasting memories and take pictures.
  • Visiting the family across the country and taking breaks during long trips can be easier and less expensive.
  • The major pro of RVing with a baby is the experience. For younger travelers, it opened a whole new world of adventure and possibilities. Rving with babes has now made easier and traveling with a newborn is possible regardless of the destination.


Rving with little ones takes a lot of caution, patience and careful planning. There is no reason that your baby needs to stay at home while you are traveling and enjoying the ride if you plan ahead. RV dealer Dallas provides quality sales, service and parts to North Texas for over 5 decades. At May’s RV the value of creating a long-term relationship with customers are their major concerns making sure the expectations are exceeded. For  them, dealing with parents and giving useful advice for a great trip is a terrific way to bring a travel with baby a success

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