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Flapper Dresses – Dressing Like a Flapper Girl Has Never Been his Easy!

During the roaring 1920s, wearing flapper dresses was trendy. During this era, some women were rebellious towards some of the stern expectations of the society from women. The flapper women loved to flow in the now fads and styles.

First, Who is a Flapper Girl?

The First Flapper

She’s simply a young woman, particularly in the 1920s, who was withdrawn from regular dress and behavior. The end of the first world war ushered in the flapper dressing style and behavior. It was an era when women became defiant towards what the society sees as ethical. For many women, it was time to gain independence and express themselves fully.

Dressing Like a Flapper – Gain Inspiration from Famous Flappers

Dressing Like a Flapper Gain Inspiration from Famous Flappers

If you want real flapper dresses, then you need to find out about popular flappers. You really don’t have to look too far; some of the flapper women you can gain flapper dressing inspiration from include;

  • Josephine Baker – she performed in The Folies Bergere
  • Anita Loos – She wrote Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  • Louise Brooks – She acted in Pandora’s Box movie
  • Clara Bow – She acted in “Film It”
  • Zelda Fitsgerald
  • Helen Kane – She sang “I want To Be Loved By”

Researching how these flapper women dressed and carried themselves will definitely inspire you on how best to dress like a flapper girl. It doesn’t have to be a typical 20s flapper dressing. You can modify your own flapper look to suit the modern era.

Typical Flapper Dressing

Typical Flapper Dressing

The dress sense of flappers was very distinctive that you can’t mix it up with any other dressing style in the 20s. You should head online to vintage stores or your local thrift store to assemble flapper clothing items or buy a ready-made one.

So, go ahead and come up with stunning flapper dresses with the tips above.