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Diamond Carat

This is the weight of the diamond. It is usually confused with the size of the diamond which is not necessarily the case. When one is comparing the different examples of carats weight and size, one should take into consideration the diamond’s cut because a high carat diamond may appear small because it has deep cut than a diamond which has a smaller cut but has a perfect cut. The following are some of the guides to use when choosing the ideal diamond carat.

Buying tips

A diamond’s carat does not refer to the diamond size but instead its weight. This is one of the most misunderstood 4Cs. This is due to the different cut grades.

The cut and the carat always go hand in hand, and it’s important to consider the two. This is because a diamond with a larger carat may appear small due to a poor cut while a diamond with a smaller carat may appear large due to an excellent cut.

For one to maximize the amount they have set aside for buying the ring, one should always choose a carat that is slightly lower than the whole, and half a carat makes. advises clients to note that the price of a diamond increases exponentially with the carat. This is because larger diamonds are rare to find. This will enable one to acquire a perfect ring at a price that ranges within his/her budget.

Diamond carat size chart

The diamond carat is determined by two factors; the top diameter of the diamond and the cut grade of the diamond. The diameter of the diamond is measured in millimeters across the top of the diamond. A diamond that has been cut well is usually graded from very good or better. These two factors reveal that a diamond that smaller carat diamonds will appear more significant due to cuts that are very good and ideal while larger carat diamonds that appear small due to cuts that good, fair and poor.

Expert tips

If you are looking for large carat diamond and you don’t have enough money, you should buy a diamond that has a good cut, preferably with a clarity of SI1-SI2 and a color grade of I or J.

If you are also looking to spend less on a diamond ring, one should select diamond rings that are less than the full and half-carat weights. This is because it is difficult to detect diamond of small sizes because carat weights are usually distributed across the entire diamond.

The buyer should also be aware that a diamond will appear larger in a person with a small finger. If a person buys a 1.5- carat diamond ring, it will look larger on size 4 finger compared to one with a size 8 finger.

One should visit or contact to select the setting that will help one check the diamond specifications of your ring. However, it should be noted that not all settings will fit the specific diamond carats.