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7 Accessories Women Should Not Leave the House Without

A woman’s handbag contains secrets but in reality, a full bag has countless receipts, makeup, snacks, maybe some documents and other stuff that somehow ends up being there. Some women tend to bring too much just in case, which results in them carrying heavy bags while in fact, they only need a few accessories in order to feel beautiful wherever they go. If you too, have a habit of carrying a lot of makeup and other accessories, take some time to declutter, because here’s the list of most important ones that you should actually have in your bag:

1. Wet wipes/makeup wipes

There’s nothing worse than being in the heat without a way to temporary freshen up and relieve yourself from heat and some dirt. That’s why wet wipes or makeup remover wipes are the great thing to have on you at all times. In case your makeup gets messy, you can use a wipe to remove without having to wash your face. Besides, wet wipes can be used to clean your hands after eating if there’s no bathroom nearby.

2. A hand cream (or any moisturizer)

Sometimes, we all need a bit of moisturizing boost, so next time you leave the house, make sure to put a moisturizer into your bag. Luckily, there are travel sizes so you don’t have to carry a bag full of heavy cream tubes. Having a hand cream can come handy when traveling, as our skin tends to get dry during the long flights, so it’s advisable to have something to rub on your hands and face in these situations.

3. Your favorite lip balm

Lip balms are great during harsh winter days when lips get chapped and dry, but also during the summer, when they need protection from violent UV rays. Some women prefer to bring more than one lip balm, so it’s up to you decide whether you’re going to take one, two or more. Just make sure that your lip balm has nurturing ingredients so your lips will be soft and plump. For those who don’t like lipsticks, a tinted lip balm is a great replacement.

4. Some of your fave jewelry

There are moments when you get stuck in the office, but you also need to go to a fancy dinner party after work, and there’s no time to change clothes. In that case, having a statement piece of jewelry can be useful, as sometimes, adding a big necklace can make you look more elegant and glamorous. You don’t need to carry heavy necklaces and bracelets, because sometimes an elegant pair of gold hoop earrings can be more than enough. Jewelry can spice up your wardrobe and make you look more sophisticated, even if you’re wearing a regular pair of jeans and plain t-shirt.

5. An extra pair of pantyhose

If you like wearing pantyhose, then you know that sometimes, they tear with no reason, so having an extra pair can be extremely helpful, especially if you have somewhere to be. Aside from that, having another pair of pantyhose can be great when weather gets suddenly cold, and you’re only wearing a short skirt. In these situations, sheer pantyhose in the color your skin can be of great help. Extra tip: if you prefer wearing open-toes sandals or shoes, you can also get toeless tights.

6. A perfume/body mist/deodorant

During the day we all get sweaty and smelly, and unfortunately, more than often there is no way to get a quick shower, therefore masking your body odor with a perfume, a body mist or a deodorant is the best thing one can do. Of course, before spraying anything, it’s always better to quickly clean yourself with body wipes because applying deodorant or perfume on dirty skin isn’t really recommended. Perfume bottles are usually heavy, so it’s much better to opt for a body mist because you can actually spray it all over your body.

7. A pimple concealer

Pimples are like annoying relatives that show up when you least expect them, and then refuse to leave. Too bad that it often happens when you’re away from home so you can’t do your cleansing routine. A pimple concealer can help you cover your pimple while simultaneously making it disappear. Just pay attention to shades, because you don’t want the concealer to be different from your regular skin tone. When it comes to the ingredients, try to steer away from alcohol and instead opt for aloe vera, zinc and salicylic acid.

Aside from these, you’ll never go wrong with adding a red lipstick, mascara and pair of fashionable sunglasses to your must-have accessories list. After all, you’re the one decides which accessories and products should be with you wherever you are.